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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trust A Priest To Turn The Issue Gay

The following is from

The headline: Cebu priest: Real issue in video is gay sex.

The article (excerpt only): For an official of the Roman Catholic Church, the commission of a homosexual act is the real issue behind the rectal surgery in Cebu City that exploded into a scandal on YouTube.

Msgr. Achilles Dakay, spokesperson of the Archdiocese of Cebu, Wednesday said the doctors and nurses who had made fun of an anesthetized male patient in the operation room of the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) and uploaded a video of the surgery on YouTube should not be blamed solely for the scandal.

“We are asking everyone not to forget or to bypass the main issue: the wrong act of a guy with another man,” Dakay said in an interview over the Church-run Radio Veritas. “People are not talking about what happened before the operation—the homosexual act that was done very badly.”

(by Margaux Ortiz, Philippine Daily Inquirer. First posted 04:48:00 04/24/2008)

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Good lord, the ignorance of the sexually inactive! If we define a “homosexual act” to be “an act done exclusively by homosexuals” then jamming a can up the ass is not a homosexual act. Doing it to a gay person doesn’t make it a homosexual act either. Heller naman! It’s an act of cruelty, plain and simple. (It is also an act of amazing muscle control—or lack of it—but I digress.)

Yes, homosexuals use the ass hole for sexual pleasure (primarily anal sex). And it is also widely known that we jam dildos up where the sun doesn’t shine. But women also use dildos, and straight women have been known to jam a finger or two up their straight boyfriend’s ass, much to his initial shock and eventual pleasurable surprise (or so I’ve been told).

There are a lot of acts done by homosexuals that are also done by heterosexuals, albeit not as frequent or as popular. Straight couples can and do engage in anal sex. Blowjobs are not limited to gays. Rimming is popular among gays, but heck, anyone of any sexual orientation can do it as long as they have a tongue and the stomach to do it.

Homosexuality is not about jamming things up our ass. Some clergyman down South needs to have this huge stick up his ass removed pronto, preferably by the same team of doctors and with video footage uploaded on YouTube too.


Mugen said...

Goodthing you blogged about this. Nabadtrip ako sa pari na yun ah.

Misterhubs said...

Nagpapapansin lang yang paring yan.

Rexler said...

Wow. That priest embodies the absolute height of hypocrisy.

Oh, yeah, I forgot.

Homosexual acts never occur within the hallowed halls of the seminary.


red riding odin hood said...

ay grabeh! kainis yun ah!

“People are not talking about what happened before the operation—the homosexual act that was done very badly.”

so how would he have done the homo act? hehehe

Anonymous said...

I actually read this earlier at the gym while waiting for my class to start. I couldn't believe what I was reading....

I mean come on! Really? Seriously?

He should read more about the issue before he says someting like this. Akbayan is exploring the sexual assault angle... I wonder if that means he equates sexual assault with homosexual acts....

Yes, have a celibate person talk about sex. It makes a ton of sense.

WalaLang said...

Heard a comment along a similar vein from a friend of mine who said that blame should also be shouldered by the the guy for having indulged in a one-night stand with a stranger. I told him that the issue is not personal responsibility but the ethics of a group of so-called professionals on whose hands the guy unfortunately placed himself in.

And now the tight-assed priest's comments...

Best regards

Jake said...

na-inggit ang lola, wala ma-say kaya ayun, dapt sa kanya pasakan ng lata ng Ma-ling.

mel beckham said...

ang sabi ng nanay ko pag wala akong mabuting sasabihin ay shut up na lang daw ako. in that case, wala akong masasabi sa sinabi ng pari. dapat ganun din ang tinuro sa kanya ng nanay niya. =o

James said...

with what he said - i'd be happy to open a can of worms someday about this issue - if that is the case then he should condemn gay priests as well.

Quentin X said...

My mum also told me to shut up when I don't have anything nice to say. But I'm sick and tired of the self-righteous right-wingers.
I have met the not so holy monsigneur, and all I could say is he is a pompous twat.