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Monday, September 06, 2010

The Singles Fabcast, Parts 1, 2 & 3

Back in June 06, 2010, the Fabcasters and members of the peanut gallery trooped to a resort in Bulacan to celebrate the end of summer. It was also the first time that each and every Fabcaster was single at that time.

We stayed overnight at that resort. The night was spent drinking and swimming—and of course, a bit of flirting between, uhm, hmmm…! Well, my lips are sealed, hehehe. It was fun times with fun friends.

The next morning after breakfast we trooped inside one room and recorded the following Fabcast on singlehood. As usual we had a hilarious time recording, with lots of hirits, quips and boisterous laughter. Too bad, though, the outtakes are not for public consumption.

That end of summer was also the start of the end of singlehood for some. Well, for one. Hehehe.

Part One
Download this Fabcast (right click and save)
Music credits:
"Single Ladies" by Beyonce
"Alone" by Heart
"Dancing On My Own" by Robyn
"Break Your Heart" by Taio Cruz ft. Ludacris

Part Two
Download this Fabcast (right click and save)
Music credits:
“Material Girl” by Madonna
“Intro” by The XX

Part Three
Download this Fabcast (right click and save)
Music credits:
“Learn To Be Lonely” (live at the Oscars) by Beyonce
“Learn To Be Lonely” (The Phantom Of The Opera Original Soundtrack) by Minnie Driver

1 comment:

Angelo said...

Fantab podcast, as usual. :) Definitely woke me up on this otherwise sleepy afternoon. Hehe! :)