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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dear Hard Woody

Because you emailed me…

 …but when I replied, your email address apparently does not exist.
 So now I’ll cut-and-paste my reply here:


I dunno if you can SMS or call him on his cellphone long-distance. I suppose you can start a correspondence with him on email. The most I can do is give him your email address, if you want; I can't assure you that he will email you, though.

He refuses to allow me to take a picture of him showing his face. You have to ask that from him yourself.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Invite To A Threesome

Interested in joining a Threesome? Then message me here. Limited invites available, so the earlier you commit, the better.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Public Serbis Announcement

“A the guard has lost his phone, so he got a new one with a new number. He says he’s in need of a ‘raket’ these days, so for those who are interested, willing and able to help him in his time of economic need, please send an email to and I will give you his new number.

Thank you and most probably that’s the last you’ll hear from me.”

– McBugaw

Friday, June 25, 2010

Are Straight Guys in Gay Porn Really Straight?

I first stumbled upon this article written by Mike Alvear in the website Porn Newz, which really just borrowed it from The Huffington Post website. I particularly like how the article explains the “gay-for-pay” and “straight-for-stay” concepts. They are concepts that certain gay men need to wrap their narrow minds around (yeah, yeah, I am deliberately being judgmental—so judge me).

Read the article for yourself and tell me what you think.

* * * * *

Are Straight Guys in Gay Porn Really Straight?
by Mike Alvear

Or do they claim it to boost sales?

Most people seem to think straight sex workers in gay porn are either closet case exhibitionists, money-hungry heteros or want-it-all versatiles. Personally, I don’t think they’re gay, straight or bi. I think they’re “buy-sexual.”

Gay guys should understand that term better than anyone. We’ve been trading sex for a certain kind of currency since the beginning of time.

How many of us dated, sexed or married a woman because it would “buy” us entry into the groups we wanted to be part of? Like family, friends, church, work, or the military. We’ve been doing “Straight-for-stay” a lot longer than straights have been doing “Gay-for-pay.” Don’t let money blind you to the meaning of currency.

Gay-for-pay says, “I have sex with men for money.” Straight-to-stay says, “I have sex with women for acceptance.” The currency might be different but the dynamic is not: Temporarily thwarting authentic desire for something valuable.

I’ve had sex with a few women yet if you pointed the Kinsey spectrum at me, Alfred himself would say he’s never seen anybody gayer. If gays can get themselves “excited” for a gender we’re not attracted to, why do we think straight guys can’t?

There’s not that much difference between gay-for-pay and straight-to-stay. Fantasy is the great enabler. If gay men can use it to get past sessions with women, why wouldn’t straight guys be able to get past theirs with men? What’s between your ears is more powerful than what’s between your legs, even if someone’s got them pinned to your shoulders.

What isn’t easily defined is easily dismissed. The closest most of us can come to understanding the phenomenon of straight guys having gay sex is to say they’re bi-sexual. It’s hard to see that they’re in fact, buy-sexual.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What’s That Buzz?

I used to watch the black-and-white TV series when I was a kid. I remember it as humorless, with a young Bruce Lee as Kato.

Wow, Seth Rogen really lost weight. But he’s not why I’m watching. It’s Jay Cho! Ooh, cool Asian dude who kicks ass. Hot! And with the director of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind at the helm (originally Stephen Chow was to direct it), The Green Hornet seems like an unlikely hit that may or may not connect, depending on how moviegoers respond to Rogen’s brand of comedy. The first Ironman worked because the humor was never front and center—it just permeated the whole movie. Some viewers may be deterred by the reworking of The Green Hornet as an action/comedy; others may be turned off.

We’ll see this January 2011.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Age Of Desiderata

(The following entry has been revised after it was posted. Some additional points were added.)

* * * * *

The day I hit 40, people asked me, “Well, how does it feel?” My reply? “Same as yesterday, when I was 39.”

* * * * *

I was particularly struck by Tony’s blog entry entitled, “The Age Of Romance.” There he wonders if it is age that “kill romance.” Does “maturity, growth, age, life experience” dull the spark of youth that lends them their “idealism, their unjaded look at life, their fire, their ability to give of themselves without restraint?”

I have said before that I am not a romantic but a realist. It doesn’t mean that I am incapable of romantic acts. But I do not believe that fairy tales come true. I do not believe in forever—all things must and do pass. And when it comes to love, while the initial spark is important, what’s more crucial is what happens after the lead characters kiss passionately as the end credits music swells and the words “The End” flashes onscreen.

To borrow some quote I saw online (pardon me, I failed to get the source): “Honeymoon periods are nice and dandy, but as everyone knows, they never last. But relationships can—once the pixie dust clears and we realize and accept that Prince Charming won’t take out the trash, that Sleeping Beauty is a lazy bitch, and that Snow White has to learn to control her fetish for small men.”

I believe there is a difference between the romance of youth and the romance of the battle-scarred. One is innocent yet prone to flights of fancy; the other is more grounded, more real. One is sweet, the other more bittersweet. One is more on feeling, the other balances emotions with thinking. Both contain a measure of hope; however, one can be naïve while the other more ready for anything—even the unwanted—to happen.

Ironically it is when someone gains a larger perspective of things that one begins to appreciate one’s tiny place in the grand scheme of things—and believe me, we are miniscule in the face of the cosmos. In our youth we think we’re the center of the universe; age and maturity allows us to see beyond ourselves.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean that as one ages one becomes jaded and loses their idealism and their fire. It really depends on the choices you embrace. There are those who remain youthfully ideal even when they’re sporting gray hairs. There are those whose idealism is tempered by disappointments as well as successes. And there are those who take the cynic route in life. Which one will you choose? Then again, the exciting and unpredictable thing about life is that sometimes people swing from path to path.

Desiderata states, Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. But it also cautions, Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment, it is as perennial as the grass.

I guess it really takes a while for us to learn how to go placidly amid the noise and the haste.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Game Show

I Like To Move It, Move It!

Antonio R. Mercado, or ARM as he was fondly called, was the chairman emeritus of Basic Advertising. A few years before Madonna made re-invention an art form, ARM gave all Basic employees a copy of “Congealing” in stampita form (he loved giving out stampitas).

I remember this particular message because it shook me to my core. Before, I always had this idea that we grow up to be adults, and that’s how we’ll remain for the rest of our lives. My parents made us children believe that we should choose a career path when we pick a college course, and stick to it. And they were living examples. My mom chose accounting and started her first job in BPI; she rose from the ranks to end up a branch manager before she retired. My dad was also in accounting but went to Caltex auditing department and stayed there until retirement.

My parents grew up during World War 2. They didn’t have a lot of career choices growing up in a country devastated by war. Unlike them, my generation grew up in a peaceful time. We were taught more skills in school, and given more options and opportunities when we graduated.

Thank god my parents never forced us children to follow their examples.

But more than career choices, what I find more important is the idea of change. Listen to the clichés. The only thing constant in life is change. Variety is the spice of life.

The only question to ask oneself is, when is one ready to leave one’s comfort zone? Throughout my life I’ve always listened to that voice inside me. And I know when to move when that voice tells me, “Move it.”

I am listening intently these days.

Monday, June 14, 2010

“Muli” (Or, Again And Again And Again)

This looks like a serious gay film.

This also looks like one of them will end up dead in the end. Or possibly both, except one will die first so that the other will have his Big Important Breakdown Scene; and only afterwards will he kick the bucket.

Okay, okay, I’ve been watching too many Pinoy or Thai gay indie films.

P.S. – Ooh, Cogie Domingo’s jumpstarting his career again by going through the indie route. Let’s help his career get a second wind. After all, we need to see more of him; and I do mean more of him.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day Three, Bohol

Going around the province, just enjoying Mother Nature’s handiwork.

But as much as I love my province, I also can’t wait to return to Manila.

Day Two, Bohol

I think I’ve traumatized enough viewers of The McVie Show with the “1 Man, 1 Jar” photos. So now I’m going to show some family-friendly pictures. (Taken Saturday, June 12, 2010.)

Down the Loboc river

Loboc Church, interior

Avenue Maria

Garden, back of Dauis Church

Indoor pool, Bohol Bee Farm

Saturday, June 12, 2010

On Vacation

The scarcity of blog entries last week I attribute to my being busy at work. (Hey, it is hard work trying to view the "1 Man, 1 Glass" video in the office, hah!)

The scarcity of blog entries this weekend? It's because I'm in Bohol for the long weekend. Happy Independence Day!

(Boats docked during low tide.)

Friday, June 11, 2010


Warning, the following blog entry is Not Safe For Work. It is also Not Safe For Wuzzes, for it has disturbing images.

* * * * *

I was told of this video that will rival the “Two Girls And A Cup” clip for its cringe-inducing, knee-weakening image. The title is “1 Man, 1 Glass” and from the title alone, one can get an idea what’s going down.

It starts with a glass jar, the lid side on the floor. Then the naked guy sits on it. It goes almost all in.

And then the glass breaks.

Inside him. (In the video, you could hear the muffled sickening sound of the glass imploding inside him.)

So he then takes out the shards of shattered glass piece by piece. And the whole time he’s bleeding. And bleeding. And bleeding.

I watched the video in the office. I have to admit, part of me wanted someone to come in and interrupt me so I’d be forced to stop watching the video. But no one came, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. The whole time my mind was trying to process why anyone would want their internal anus bleeding.

Thanks to our office’s intermittent Internet connection, the wifi conked out before the whole video was downloaded. So I still don’t know how the video ends. Maybe one day I will finish watching the whole clip. Maybe.

Friday, June 04, 2010

The Couple Fabcast, Part 4

After a series of OMG revelations, the swinging couple, Sam and Paul, talk about the changing dynamics in their relationship. In this part, Paul takes center stage for a bit as he recounts the personal changes he underwent that affected their relationship.

Download this episode (right click and save)

Are The Fabcasters Intimidating?

Last May 22, Migs emailed the Fabcasters about his trip to Manila—and a possible Fabcast recording topic. What happened next was a hilarious back-and-forth email exchange between the Fabcasters that’s as kulit as one of our Fabcasts.

Corporate Closet had compiled the email trail, and posted it on his blog. So read and enjoy, especially the readers’ comments, HERE.

We just might record it this weekend!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

An Ode To Three Icons

(My earlier chat with Corporate Closet after he watched Kylie’s “All The Lovers” music video led me to make this episode of The McVie Show.)

* * * * *

Every generation has its icons, especially for gay folks. Then there are those icons whose career spans a couple of generations. Here are two plus one of the current generation.

Madonna (born Madonna Louise Ciccone 16 August 16 1958). The oldest of the three, she started her climb to the top with her debut album Madonna in 1983. Also known as the Queen of Re-Invention, Madonna elevated self-marketing into an art form. True to the meaning of her Italian name, Madonna went through the different images of woman—rebel, boy toy, sweet girl-next-door, power woman, mother, bitch, and spiritual leader—but always, she was a provocateur. Her image may change, but her feisty personality remained constant. No matter what color her hair or wig was, she was always in-your-face. These days she’s more about pushing her message, whether in her songs or videos as well as in her forays in the public forum. Now her onstage and onscreen image is often a variation of a powerful woman, staring directly at the audience as they hail their Madonna who’s full of grace.

Kylie Minogue (born 28 May 1968). Although the world discovered her with “I Should Be So Lucky” from her debut album Kylie in 1988, she was already performing much earlier as a child actress before entering the music world. Initially packaged as a girl-next-door, she turned to a more mature image, especially when she went full-tilt into dance-oriented albums in 2000. Unlike Madonna, she didn’t go through many incarnations; her current image, even after a battle with cancer, is still that of a sexy woman, in touch with her body (and often touching her body!) and sexuality. And unlike Madonna, Kylie never uses sex as a weapon; in fact, her come-hither is always a call to have fun.

Lady Gaga (born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta 28 March 1986). She started as a songwriter before she hit it big with her debut album The Fame in 2008. (In fact, she wrote a song for Michael Bolton before her career took off; he will be releasing that song soon along with his new studio album.) True to this generation’s short-attention span, she changes her look faster than downloading on broadband. Notice that it’s her look and clothes that change—but her image remains the same, that of a woman who’s in control of her sexuality and her life, and an edgy artist who tinkers with fashion as well as piano keys. What does it all mean? We don’t know, but we watch her just the same, fascinated.

What draws gay men to these women? What makes them gay icons? What’s common to these three is their sense of power in their songs and in their projected images, be it blatant like Madonna or seductive like Kylie. For a population used to being told to hide inside their closets, these women are attractive because they had the balls to blast out of those closet doors—wearing clothes that are fantastic, fabulous and fierce.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

In A Word: TARUSH!

I love the white horse walking through the street. I love the white doves and the white balloons rising from the convertible. I love how they eventually had a closer shot of the two men kissing (although, in a seeming bid to play safe, one of the guys was also kissing a girl before turning to the guy behind him). I am kinda puzzled with the animal inflatables, but they’re cute to look at. I love all the white underwear. I love the very gay hand gesture, which everyone copies. And I love how Kylie’s first appearance in the video is so Alma-Moreno-in-LoveliNess-like.

I wonder how they conducted the casting call.

The Body Guard, Part 4 (The Last Part)

So I consulted fellow Fabcaster Tony, who has had more experience dealing with straight guys who do it on the sly—and for a price. You see, when I was arranging my meet-up “massage” session with A the sekyu, he suavely slipped into our conversation the matter of remuneration.

A: “Ser, may hihingi akong tulong lang.”

McVie: “Ano yun?”

A: “Ser, uuwi ako ng probinsiya eh. Baka naman makatulong ka lang sa aking pamasahe….”

Aye, there’s the rub. Apparently a massage comes with a price.

At first I played dumb: “Magkano ba kelangan mong pamasahe?”

A smiled: “Ser, kahit ano’ng maitutulong mo, yung bukal sa kalooban mo!”

McVie: “Okay, one thousand.”

Without missing a beat, A said: “Ser, baka naman puwedeng mas mataas pa doon?”

Eh akala ko yung bukal sa kalooban ko?! I wanted to laugh my head off but instead countered with Php1,500.

A: “Ser, baka puwede 1,700?”

I managed to bring it back down to 1,500 by saying that I didn’t have the exact amount—I mean, can he give me 300 pesos change? I think not.

According to Tony Php1,500 is the going rate, though he believes I could have brought it down further. Oh well.

In the end A gave a cursory massage. But he did allow to be kissed on the lips at the start. All in all, he was my first security guard and my first body builder (he had competed before).

Afterwards I was telling him about my friends who are interested in him, but he said he wasn’t like that, some piece of meat who can just be passed from one guy to the next. Hmmm, I bet the moment I tell him that I won’t be getting him again, he’ll change his tune.