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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Body Guard, Part 4 (The Last Part)

So I consulted fellow Fabcaster Tony, who has had more experience dealing with straight guys who do it on the sly—and for a price. You see, when I was arranging my meet-up “massage” session with A the sekyu, he suavely slipped into our conversation the matter of remuneration.

A: “Ser, may hihingi akong tulong lang.”

McVie: “Ano yun?”

A: “Ser, uuwi ako ng probinsiya eh. Baka naman makatulong ka lang sa aking pamasahe….”

Aye, there’s the rub. Apparently a massage comes with a price.

At first I played dumb: “Magkano ba kelangan mong pamasahe?”

A smiled: “Ser, kahit ano’ng maitutulong mo, yung bukal sa kalooban mo!”

McVie: “Okay, one thousand.”

Without missing a beat, A said: “Ser, baka naman puwedeng mas mataas pa doon?”

Eh akala ko yung bukal sa kalooban ko?! I wanted to laugh my head off but instead countered with Php1,500.

A: “Ser, baka puwede 1,700?”

I managed to bring it back down to 1,500 by saying that I didn’t have the exact amount—I mean, can he give me 300 pesos change? I think not.

According to Tony Php1,500 is the going rate, though he believes I could have brought it down further. Oh well.

In the end A gave a cursory massage. But he did allow to be kissed on the lips at the start. All in all, he was my first security guard and my first body builder (he had competed before).

Afterwards I was telling him about my friends who are interested in him, but he said he wasn’t like that, some piece of meat who can just be passed from one guy to the next. Hmmm, I bet the moment I tell him that I won’t be getting him again, he’ll change his tune.



rudeboy said...

Oh Joel, you kiss-and-teller, you!

As for Sikyu - well, nice bod. Doesn't look too tall, though, hm. And looks younger than what I thought.

So aside from the massage, what came with the P1,500.00, or should I say, what else? :P

Désolé Boy said...

sh*t sekyu ba talaga yan??

kung ganyan lahat ng sekyu sa mall magpapabalik-balik ako sa entrance para magpa-frisk...haha

anyway wala akong 1, 500 so i guess i can't ask for his number..hihi

Anonymous said...

ang mahal na pala ng presyohan dito sa manila. bakit sa province kaya pa ang 50 pesos? 100 pesos pede na ifuck yung straight guy.

joelmcvie said...

@RUDEBOY: He's only 20 years old, and around 5'5" in height.

kyler said...

hi joelmcvie!

i hope i can get his number? dnt worry pag may nakita akong cutie na secu i'll let u know din. by the way ur blog is sooo coool! keep it up!

joelmcvie said...

@KYLER: So how am I going to give you sekyu's number? =)

rudeboy said...

@joel : Oooh 5'5". A pocket Adonis, very handy. And I have a feish pa naman for short, stocky fellows.


@daredevilry : Iba talaga ang provincial rates hehehe.

Von_Draye said...

lol, there was part of me na gustong hingin number nya, pero...

salamat sa GINTO; libre lang ang ganyan.... hehehehe..

Ming Meows said...

ang hot nya nga.

kyler said...

hi joelmcvie!

Oo nga noh. hehe email me his no. at Basta pag may mga cutie share tyo k. i'll email my number to u rin. Keep in touch!!!

VG said...

hi mcvie,

pwede ba makuha number ni sekyu? aside from massage ano pa pwede niya gawin at gawin sa kanya? pwede pa email. hehehe. :-)

joelmcvie said...

@VG: Very good, VG! Now if you just left your email address, then I can email sekyu's number to you. =)

kyler said...

Hi Joel!

Still waiting secu's number from u. just email me at k. tc alwayz and keep up d gud work here.

VG said...

Hi Mcvie,

Here is my email Thanks. Hopefully performer is sekyu. Hehehe

Herbs D. said...

lol. so people ARE actually interested? mmm. interesting.

hipon ba? LOL

bjsuper said...

i want his number too!!

hope he is clean though...tsaka what comes nga of the 1,500?

hehhe! thanks Mcvie! sana rin marikina area sya para malapit lang sakin

kyler said...

Hi Mcvie!

U haven't emailed sukyu's no. yet. Been bz? I also hope we can keep in touch. btw email add's


joelmcvie said...

@KYLER: I sent an email to your yahoo address last Friday, June 04, at 1:55pm.

VG said...

hi mcvie,
didn't receive your email too. By the way when is the fabcast part 5 coming out?