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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What’s That Buzz?

I used to watch the black-and-white TV series when I was a kid. I remember it as humorless, with a young Bruce Lee as Kato.

Wow, Seth Rogen really lost weight. But he’s not why I’m watching. It’s Jay Cho! Ooh, cool Asian dude who kicks ass. Hot! And with the director of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind at the helm (originally Stephen Chow was to direct it), The Green Hornet seems like an unlikely hit that may or may not connect, depending on how moviegoers respond to Rogen’s brand of comedy. The first Ironman worked because the humor was never front and center—it just permeated the whole movie. Some viewers may be deterred by the reworking of The Green Hornet as an action/comedy; others may be turned off.

We’ll see this January 2011.


lorienimladris said...

Jay Chou- woof!

~Carrie~ said...

May fusion ng Rush Hour (action-momedy format) at Batman and Robin (comicbook hero aspect).

Nag-iba ang pagtingin ko kay Jay Cho - ang cool at yeah, "kick-ass" sya jan, unlike his past roles.

Mac Callister said...

hmmm,of all super hero movies ito ang di ako interesado,gonna wait for reviews nalang if maganda or what saka ko watch...

stevie said...

It said on the trailer January 2011.

Odd choice for director but that's what most Hollywood studios these have opted for the comic book movie.

joelmcvie said...

@STEVIE: Oh yeah, you're right. I think I was looking at something else when I wrote the "June 2010" thing. Made the correction already.