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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Like To Move It, Move It!

Antonio R. Mercado, or ARM as he was fondly called, was the chairman emeritus of Basic Advertising. A few years before Madonna made re-invention an art form, ARM gave all Basic employees a copy of “Congealing” in stampita form (he loved giving out stampitas).

I remember this particular message because it shook me to my core. Before, I always had this idea that we grow up to be adults, and that’s how we’ll remain for the rest of our lives. My parents made us children believe that we should choose a career path when we pick a college course, and stick to it. And they were living examples. My mom chose accounting and started her first job in BPI; she rose from the ranks to end up a branch manager before she retired. My dad was also in accounting but went to Caltex auditing department and stayed there until retirement.

My parents grew up during World War 2. They didn’t have a lot of career choices growing up in a country devastated by war. Unlike them, my generation grew up in a peaceful time. We were taught more skills in school, and given more options and opportunities when we graduated.

Thank god my parents never forced us children to follow their examples.

But more than career choices, what I find more important is the idea of change. Listen to the clichés. The only thing constant in life is change. Variety is the spice of life.

The only question to ask oneself is, when is one ready to leave one’s comfort zone? Throughout my life I’ve always listened to that voice inside me. And I know when to move when that voice tells me, “Move it.”

I am listening intently these days.


~Carrie~ said...

A very insightful and introspective discourse. :)

I wanna be Ms Congealiality. :)

Felipe said...

i'd like to take that one step forward soon.

Tony said...

It's all about values. What do you value in life?
A lot of people value security during times of turmoil... security is also high priority for people with responsibilities.

I always believed that companies like this... if you have financial responsibilities you less likely to move. I, in a way, encourage my staff to take salary cash advances.... this makes them slaves to money and therefore their work. Harsh, but effective.

I on the other hand love change. It's the only way to live (although sometimes that change may make you feel like dying).

I am lucky that I am self-aware enough to know when a coming change and opportunity makes me feel uncomfortable. This feeling of queasiness (fear?) is all that I need to push myself to take that plunge.