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Monday, July 25, 2011

Pioneers And Inspirations

Gibbs so aptly put it. Back in 2007 there was a Pinoy pink podcast that captured the ears (and hearts and funny bones) of Pinoy bekis both here in the country and abroad. The podcast was The Dan & Rye Show, featuring two of the pioneering Pinoy cast members of the (then) newly-opened Disneyland Hong Kong. Their hilarious chit-chats, recorded without editing, revealed a friendship and a chemistry that was engaging, endearing and highly entertaining. They tackled anything and everything they felt like tackling, from silly in-house blind-item chismis to gay rights to the lives of OFWs.

Migs, Gibbs and I stumbled upon their podcast online. After hearing their podcasts, Migs said, “Hey, we can do a podcast too!” Thus was born the Troikasters; after several episodes, the original three expanded to become the Fabcasters.

After a few years the contracts of Dan and Rye weren’t renewed by Disney, and they both went their separate lives. And we never heard of the two together in a podcast again.

Until now.

Pardon the delay in posting, our day jobs have been quite busier than usual of late. Still, hearing the two once again in a podcast is a joy, especially for this particular fanboy. Their laughter is infectious, and they’re my sure-shot mood-lifters. I’ve always believed in their tandem; heck, I even fantasized one time that they have their own television show. That may just remain a fantasy; but at least for now we have the chance to hear them once again.

So to the fans of The Dan & Rye Show, as well as fans of gay podcasts in general, this one’s for you!

Part 1:
Download Part 1 (right click and save)

Music credits:
“Remember The Time” by Michael Jackson / “Yesterday” by The Beatles / “Only Yesterday” by The Carpenters / “Turn Back Time” by Aqua
“All The Lovers” by Kylie Minogue
“Get Outta My Way” by Kylie Minogue

Part 2:
Download Part 2 (right click and save)

Music credits:
“Don’t You Remember” by Adele / “Don’t Forget To Remember Me” by The Bee Gees / “Get Back” by The Beatles
“Run The World (Girls) by Beyonce
“Miss Claire Remembers” by Enya
“October Wedding” by Montreux
“Sa Aking Pag-iisa” by Cinderella Feat. Yolly Samson
“One” by The Bee Gees
“Baby Elephant” by Rene Touzet
“Frenesi-Twist? by Les Elgart & His Orchestra
“Careless Whispers” by Wham!
“If I Loved You” by Barbra Streisand
“Wannabe” by The Spice Girls
“Shadowlands” by George Fenton


Mac Callister said...

ah..i never got the chance to listen to any of their podcast...sayang...sana nasa blog pa nila un mga yun at ng mapakinggan :-0

Dats said...

I'm a huge huge fan of Dan and Rye! I miss them so was a joy when they gave me a call and made as a guest for their show!

Felipe Eh said...

I was a fan too! :)