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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Lived To Tell

Time and again I hear of guys who fall for another guy but keep their feelings to themselves. Then they bemoan the fact that their object of affection doesn’t see them the way they do. But they justify loving from afar even if they get hurt, because they say to love is to risk.

Well! I say to love is to risk, so tell him how you feel. The sooner you do that the better, while you still haven’t emotionally invested a lot on him. Keeping your feelings to yourself isn’t love; it’s selfishness and stupidity.

If he doesn’t share the same feelings, move on. If he doesn’t reciprocate, move on. Martyrdom for unrequited love was burned at the stake a long time ago.

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citybuoy said...

Sabi nga ni Tiya Adele-y, you'll never know if you never try.. haha

and kung may sahod lang ang pagiging martyr edi sana kalevel na ng Pilipinas ang Japan! haha