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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Me On Me

One of the things I find most difficult to explain to D is my need for “me-time” without making him feel that he is lacking as a person and as a partner.

Me-time is a peculiar thing. I’m not sure if it’s something that developed as my way of dealing with loneliness during my single years. Is it cosmic predisposition (I’m Pisces)? Or perhaps it’s my family circumstances (after years of sharing a room with my older brother, when he married I had the whole room to myself; my mom eventually dubbed it “Joel’s sanctum sanctorium”). Whatever the reason, there are times when I just want to retreat inside my head.

Me-time is not really all that dramatic. I don’t need a special place or ritual accompanying it. And I don’t need to push people away during me-time. In fact, we can be in the same area and time; just don’t freak out if I’m quiet and preoccupied. I am just reconnecting with myself. And that’s basically what it is. Self-awareness means seeking out one’s self once in a while.

I am sure that D also has his quiet times. And I think that the more of Life he experiences, the more he will need his own me-time. One of the things we all need to learn is that we should be our own biggest fans. No matter how much assistance and support I extend to D, he will still need time to embrace and take care of himself.


Rygel said...

sometimes it's hard to tell when a partner needs me-time. And it's even harder to explain what that means to someone who is concerned about you and wants to be the one to cheer you up

rudeboy said...

"Is it cosmic predisposition (I'm Pisces)?"

As a fellow fish, I'd say "Yes."

Then again, maybe I'm just an ornery curmudgeon.

Aristotle said...

I can relate to this and while it is true that its hard to explain to you partner without making him conjure conclusions- its also hard to explain this to friends and people who have been used to seeing your everyday you.

Having a me time would almost, always be construed as an emo moment- when the truth is IT IS NOT.

Hey mcvie- i hope you don't min me sharing my blog link here, i'm new so forgive the shameless plug!

citybuoy said...

I guess we all need moments to be with ourselves...

(and center, clarity peace serenity? damn you fergie!!!)

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Totally understand where this is coming from...