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Friday, July 13, 2012

Let’s Have A Circle, Jerk

Once in a while, we need to party hard. Well, this is really is it!

Come and join the Love Yourself first anniversary party, entitled Circle Of Love. You don’t need to be a member of TLY to enjoy the party. And it’s great that you’ll be partying with these advocates--at least, if you hook up with one of them, the chances are greater that they’ll remember to play safe, BWHAHAHA!

Personally, I’m excited to watch Hong Kong’s legendary drag artist La Chiquitta perform. For the fans of The Dan & Rye Show podcasts, La Chiquitta is none other than Rye in his real form, ahihihi. (Charoz lang.) I’ve seen Dan and Rye perform in drag only in videos. Now I have a chance to watch Rye perform live. And let’s face it, Php250-300 is way cheaper than the plane fare to Hong Kong and back.

And if haven’t met me and D in person, now’s your chance. So hope to see you in Bed with us next Saturday, July 21.

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WEL LARA said...

We'll definitely have fun ;)