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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So there’s this list of 20 Things Your Most Annoying Friends Do On Facebook. It’s obviously intended as a humorous post, yet I have to admit that some of the examples cut close to the bone. It’s not that I have annoying friends; instead, I have friends who do annoying things on Facebook. My particular peeves:

3. Vaguebooking
Urban Dictionary defines “vaguebooking” as the following: “An intentionally vague Facebook status update that prompts friends to ask what’s going on, or is possibly a cry for help.” I prefer that you go direct to the point. Now, if vaguebooking is your form of online landian, then it becomes all the more annoying. Grow some balls, boy. I actually have more respect for blatant flirting. At least we can just focus on how well or how style-mo-bulok you conduct your flirting.

4. Unsolicited Check-Ins
I really don’t get Foursquare or similar apps. I really don’t care where you check in or who the mayor is of some establishment. They are useless information.

6. Vanity
Self-obsessed, self-serving, and self-explanatory. OMG, if I could name names....

7. Song Lyrics
I must admit I have done this in the past, and my reason for doing it is to highlight a song’s message because it resonated with me at that time. But lyrics that come out of the blue and without context? What’s this, The Singing Bee? Name That Tune?

9. The Twitter Sync
Guilty here, sometimes. This is so easy to do with TweetDeck. And especially annoying reading on TweetDeck.

19. Mundane Posts + Exercise Bragging
This is a sub-genre of the “Vanity” post, but focused on the minutiae of running, dragon-boating, and sepak takraw. (In fact, I might actually be more forgiving of sepak takraw since I don’t know much about it.)

20. Redundant Links
I must admit, sometimes you can’t delete the URL because the linked article doesn’t appear in your post. I blame slow internet connection for that.

So there! I can live with the rest, like political rants and the occasional third-person. Come to think of it, I’ve not un-followed anyone yet because of such peeves. I suppose I can live with the annoying online habits of my FB friends after all.


Guyrony said...

My, my, my what a list you have there..

Dragon boat brags?

I crush that guy who's always posting!

And of course, I am also guilty of such.


Rygel said...

ouch! ouch!