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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Random Musings At 47

Drift Would

It’s funny how easy it is to drift apart. Once your interests diverge, and your priorities become one’s option, it’s so easy to slip into “I’m not sure” and “Perhaps” and “I’ll see.” And from there the slope slides precariously. It’s true with hobbies, friends, and blogs. And the only thing that will keep you hanging on is your personal decision.

They say everything is cyclical; unfortunately that’s something beyond our control. Commitment, fortunately, is within our control.

Papa-Rape-Papa, Lab Ko ‘Toh

The whole Catholic world is watching as the conclave of cardinals convenes to convict, err, elect a new pope, just as the Catholic Church is reeling from being repeatedly rocked by scandal after scandal.

Ironic then that the CBCP still acts as if they have the moral high ground on all things—politics, sexuality, women’s bodies, etc. The Inquisition is so 1200-and-late. Man has already discovered the God Particle. And yet here in the Philippines, it seems like the Spanish friars are back. Who the hell do they think they are?

I’m not rooting for our very own Cardinal Tagle. No, I’m not being unnationalistic. He’s interesting, but I do wish a more forward-thinking priest be put in place. Wishful thinking, yeah, I know. In fact, I’m not even sure if such a priest actually exists. If the Church is to change from within, it’s going to take more conclaves and decades.

But I’m not waiting for that. I’ve moved on a long time ago.

Nearing 50

So in several years, I’ll be half a century old. Funny, it doesn’t feel like what I imagine turning 50 would be. My generation is definitely different from my parents’. I thought at 50 I’d be physically weaker, I’d look older, and I’d be less busy. Well, my body isn’t the same as it was 20 years ago, but I definitely am not sickly yet. And I’m busier than ever, although now my tasks have moved on from menial to managerial. Still, I don’t necessarily see myself as staying in this business or this company ‘til I retire—if I even decide to retire. I think I’d prefer to be busy until I kick the bucket.

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