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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Bohol Diaries, part 1

Dec. 23, 1:05pm. Two days before Christmas. Yesterday was our fifth day in Bohol, but it was the first day we set foot on the beach. The past few days were spent going back and forth from Bilar to Tagbilaran and back. We kept going back to the mall for supplies and other materials needed for the house; it was unoccupied for almost a year, and many things had to be cleaned up or replaced. We also spent the time just visiting relatives.

Too bad our town of Bilar does not have an internet café yet. I’ve discovered several wi-fi spots in Tagbilaran, so whenever I’m there I take the time out to surf—yes, I brought my laptop with me. It’s our default entertainment system—a DVD, player and instant photo “developer” in one. I had to buy laptop speakers in Island City Mall (or ICM, as the locals call it). I found a pair that uses the laptop’s USB port as its power source. That one cost me only seven hundred pesos.

In ICM I saw a computer shop selling the latest generation iPod Nanos at almost a thousand pesos cheaper compared to their prices in Metro Manila. I had to remind myself several times that I already have one. I already have one. I already have one. There I go again.

Going back to the beach: we stayed there for an afternoon only. There were only a few people on the beach since it was a weekday—surprisingly there were still classes and work that day. Hehehe. Last year there were a lot of Koreans; yesterday I saw only Caucasians. There were two groups holding their Christmas parties on the beach. Damn, we can’t do that for our agency.

I brought three DVDs and five books with me. I’ve watched two of the DVDs and I’ve plowed through two books already and it’s only our sixth day. Man, I need to buy new books when we go back to Tagbilaran.

* * * * *

Dec. 23, 8:55pm. For the past 5 days I’ve been going to sleep before midnight and waking up at around 8am. Tonight is our sixth night, and I’m sure I’ll be in la-la land before midnight again. This is a welcome change from the usual. Embrace it and enjoy it.

I’m trying to watch my diet but I cannot say no to newly cooked, steaming-hot rice. Mmmm! I’m trying to eat smaller portions, but with the rice it’s so easy to just get one more serving of pork, one more piece of chicken. Argh. It’s a delicious dilemma, one that will haunt me when I’m back in the gym come January. My trainer will most likely berate me, but I’m sure inwardly he’ll be happy that I’ll have to avail of another 10 sessions. That means sure income for him. Hahaha.

But then again I just might surprise myself.

But then once again, Christmas is almost here. My aunt promises lechon for Noche Buena (gasp!) and my mom upped the ante by offering another lechon for Dec. 26. And we still have two boxes of Adelina ham in our fridge. Ano ba yan, puro kabababuyan!

Must. Exercise. Restraint.

Hmmm. Five days and I haven’t jacked off yet. Maybe practicing restraint will be easier than I thought. Ha.

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