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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Becky Nights Podcast!

I first heard about the Becky Nights podcast from someone’s tweet, but it didn’t have a link. Then I read Felipe’s blog entry about it, so I decided to look up the podcast in iTunes. So now, you can just click on this link. (Felipe, ang tamad mo kasi! Hahaha.)

Now I’ve downloaded their episodes and am going through them one by one. Super funny sila! They tackle issues that tickle the interest of gay listeners, like beauty contests, cyber sex, dealing with exes, and boys, boys, boys! They even guested a callboy in their latest podcast. And they’re more technologically savvy than the Fabcasters (we’ve talked about Skype-ing with Migs when he was in the U.S. but we never got around to using it). I also like how they feature classic Pinoy TV commercials as breakers in their later podcasts.

I am so glad that there are more becky voices out there. It doesn’t matter if the voices are effem or straight-sounding, basta proudly becky! Let our multi-colorful voices be heard.

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Rome said...

They are funny but honestly, they don't have much substance as compared to the Fabcasters. I listened to all of their podcast episodes (11 as of the latest count). Kaya lang sila maraming listeners sa iTunes kasi they have celeb friends that helps them promote it.