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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wanted: Bayag Ni ___________

Several days ago, I received the following SMS message:

“Pres. Noynoy has asked VP Binay to help resolve the issue of burying former Pres. Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. As part of his consultation with all Filipinos, VP Binay would like to get your opinion on whether you are in favor or not to have former Pres. Marcos buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Text 09267468212 for Globe or 09496295575 for Smart or send to email Thank you for your support.”


My first reaction was, is this a new mobile con job? Some form of raket?

Then my next reaction was one of indignation. Dear Nognog, you mean to tell me that your decision of whether Marcos belongs in the Libingan or not will be affected via our text votes? Ano ito, American Idol?! Ay hindi, Philippine Idol-atry pala. Dear Vice, might and numbers do not make it right. You decide not because it’s popular but because it’s right. And Mister President, you can’t decide on this issue? What will your father say?

My gosh, is ours a country of cowards? We need people with balls. Kaya Noynoy and Nognog, sana naman tubuan na kayo.


nOx said...

I've been receiving quite a number of really annoying text blasts about Binay and his "heroic" acts. Last month, it was about the Filipinos convicted to death penalty - of how Binay was able to nego with the Chinese government for their safety.

Jasper Paulito said...

I agree with you. People in the government now don't have balls. They have to involve the people so they won't be blamed. It only shows cowardice and lack of responsibility. Why don't they bring their black brains together and decide on this issue?

RJ said...

It is very unreasonable for the VP to base this moral issue sa masa. :/ Where are the righteous few nowadays?