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Thursday, February 02, 2012

McVie Meets The Merlion

This weekend I will be in Singapore together with my sister. We will be visiting our other sister who has been living and working in Singapore for 4 years now, and whose birthday is this Saturday.

It will be the first time for my sister and I to visit Lah-land. Since we only have three days, we may opt to do just the tourist-y things: visit the National Museum, go to Universal Studios, have a street-food trip, and perhaps try and catch a performance of “Wicked” (all suggested by The Wandering Polar Bear; thanks, Jamie).

I doubt if I can ditch my sister in the evening to go and hit the clubs. So I may end up with a very wholesome first trip to Singapore.

Oh, la-lah!


rudeboy said...

Cool beans, McVie!

I hope you do manage to ditch the sis in the evenings, because Singapore offers a rich gay nightlife, despite its sanitized and sometimes-oppressive exterior.

Orchard Road is de rigeur for a first-time visitor, as well as the Merlion statue and Boat Quay. You can reserve the Singapore Flyer and Sentosa for a follow-up trip, imho.

I'm green with envy that you might be seeing Wicked , though.

Enjoy, lah!

Herbs D. said...

you WILL LOVE Wicked, do it!