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Monday, February 06, 2012

“Songbird” In Singapore

So first day at La-la-lah Singapura and my sisters and I watched “Wicked” at Marina Bay Sands. Now, this is not going to be a review of the musical; that will be for another episode of The McVie Show. What this is about, though, is what happened after the show. (And no, Regine isn’t here in Singapore.)

The actor playing Fiero apparently was a celebrity of sorts; he had an album out, so after the play he was greeting audience members outside while hawking his CD. I wasn’t familiar with him, so I didn’t bother to even get up-close. He’s cute, but not my type. (I’m sooo sticky rice these days.)

While waiting for my sisters to finish raiding the “Wicked” merchandise, I decided to go to the toilet to relive myself. Coming out, I saw this guy with a girl following a half step behind him. She was obviously a staff of the hotel, given her corporate attire. He, on the other hand, was dressed in casual jeans, shirt, and sports jacket. He was a little taller than me, thinner than I expected, and his skin looked like a Caucasian who’s been under the sun for far too long. He looked at me, to make sure our trajectories will not make us bump into each other. Still, he passed less than 6 inches away from me. It was his blondish curly locks falling around his face that gave his identity away.

Oh. My. Gawd! It’s Kenny fuckin’ G!

And that was one of the major highlights of our first night in Lah-Land.


Thumper Art said...

It would have been more fun if you rode an elevator with him and the muzak being played was his. How often would you be in an elevator playing that music with the artist himself with you? It gives 'elevator music' a whole new dimension.

Kiks said...

Wait till you meet Kenny friggin' B.

Nagpapirma sya?

fried-neurons said...

Haha. After all these years, kulot pa rin.