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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Ex-Men Fabcast, Part 1

Ah, the joys of falling out of love! Yes folks, if people can have boyfriends, then they can also have exes. How does one deal with the ex-boyfriend after the break-up? Are you still friends with them? Or do you cut them off from your life? Or are they the ones who cut you off?

The Fabcasters and their fabulous peanut gallery discuss this in part one of this four-part Fabcast.

We chose that topic because the other Fabcasters didn’t want to discuss what was historically significant at the time of the recording—for the first time, all 5 Fabcasters were in a relationship! So instead of talking about that, we talked about our exes. (Well, they did. I don’t have an ex, hehehe.)

Click below and enjoy!

Music credits:
“The Love I Lost” by West End (featuring Sybil)
“Pause” by Pitbull


Sheen said...

Can't wait for the next 3 parts! I really enjoyed this. Can I hang out with you guys? :))

joelmcvie said...

If you're free on Good Friday and Black Saturday, join us in our staycation:

mico boi said...

kainis naman! bitin. sana mapost na agad part 2! =D