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Friday, June 14, 2013

Gay-nito Kami Noon Fabcast, Part 3

A.k.a. “Paano Na Tayo Ngayon?”

Finally, here is the super-sized third and last part of our discussion regarding Malate.

After all that reminiscing and going down memory lane, the Fabcasters and the peanut gallery discuss whether we gays should lament the death of Malate as the gay mecca, or celebrate the rise of other gay places in different areas in the metro. Interestingly, there is a difference in points of view from the younger generations versus the older ones.

Ultimately, the discussion zooms in on looking for places that gays feel safe and at home in. Whether it is in Ortigas or Quezon City or, who knows, back in Malate, we are all looking for that safe place that we can imbue with our own gay vibe—or in our own words, a “colorful, pink, sashaying, pulsating” vibe.

Listen in and enjoy.

Music credits:

“Let’s Have A Kiki” by Scissor Sisters
“Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad” by Moby
“Old Souls” & “Time” (from Inception OST) by Hans Zimmer
“Starships” by Nicki Minaj
“Last Dance” by Donna Summer
“Love Tonight” by Kid Wolf

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