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Saturday, December 15, 2007

What? Me Busy?! Nah! What Made You Think That?

No, The McVie Show is not on hiatus because of the Writers’ strike.

* * * * *

Good lord, I’m beginning to hate December.

Okay, too much, way too much. Let’s scale back, shall we?

So. December used to be my most favorite month, and Christmas my most favorite holiday. They still are but this year was one heck of a “waddafakinshethwuzzat?!” And I’m talking only about the first half of the month.


Just like Metro Manila traffic, Time seemed to have stopped and become jam-packed. Work was punishing but in the end we made it through. The company is undergoing changes both cosmetic and structural. I haven’t begun Christmas shopping for others at all. There are movies and plays I haven’t watched, presents I’ve yet to buy, out-of-town trips that have yet to be planned or scrapped, and invites to parties I’ve yet to find the time to attend.

And now I’m back to strenuous training at the gym, thanks to Ken. Ever since I started working again in Makati I’ve always gone to the gym in our building. At first I worked out on my own but got bored and worried I was not progressing. So I got me a personal trainer. And Ken was quite good and patient and easy to train with. But when they raised their rates I had to drop the personal training.

Several months and pounds heavier later, I had to re-hire Ken. I realized I needed external help to whip me back in shape—which is actually a bad thing since it’s better if the motivation comes from oneself, but I’m desperate to jumpstart getting in shape again. I also noticed that I couldn’t cheat myself when Ken’s monitoring me. I’m paying someone to make sure I don’t cheat on me. Hmmm, I’m paying for my lack of self-discipline. Must. Remember. To. Find. Ways. To. Eliminate. That. Expense.

Anyway, yesterday was the scheduled fire drill of our office building. I was made fire marshal for our office on the 27th floor. That meant I had to be in our office when the drill started, walk 27 floors down and report to the building authorities that, yes, everyone in our floor is safe outside. I thought walking down was going to be a cinch. But I was surprised when my legs felt heavy and wobbly a couple of hours after the fire drill. Ugh, that was how out of practice my legs were.

In fairness to the fire drill, they even had fake smoke and actual water use. And they even rescued an “injured civilian” and brought him down the building via ropes on the side. Cool.

This morning Ken and I were supposed to work on my legs. Gudlak to me! I had to ask Ken to revise my training for today.

I just finished a 3+ minute remix of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” featuring sound bites from various officemates; this ala-“Secret Garden” with dialogue from the movie Jerry Maguire project (I’m moving up from 1-minute OBBs to 3-minute remixes) will debut in our 80s-themed office Christmas Party on Tuesday.

It’s past midnight already and I’m still in the office on this very early Saturday morning. I have to be in Katipunan by 10am later because I’m going out of town with friends.

I just love to hate December, but I don’t have the heart to.


Anonymous said...

so you did come back to ken didn't you? start from scratch ba ito friend?

im still thinking of going back to ffplus after my trip to japan. but certainly im not coming back to you-know-who whenever and if ever i go back to gym life. for the meantine, im enjoying life under water. :)

cant_u_read said...

the making of "The Scrooge" starring joel mcvie ba itoh? hehehe!

Phoenix said...

i miss rcbc plaza.. ; ) i used to take dips in the pool after my shift hehe. lotsa cute guys! merry christmas joel = )

joelmcvie said...

@PAO: Yes, nagbalikan na kami ni Ken, which is more than what I can say about you and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, LOL!

@RYE: Hindi naman Scrooge-in-the-making. Sabi ko nga, I don't have the heart to hate December.

@PHOENIX: I don't know about lotsa cute guys in the pool, cuz I rarely use the pool. Merry Christmas too!