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Friday, December 04, 2009

Maid In Makati

A couple of days ago while on my way to the office I found myself walking behind a maid. Now how did I know she was a maid, and that I wasn't being a judgmental, class-conscious snob? She was wearing her uniform.

She was also carrying an umbrella. Now while the day was a very beautiful December morning, it was too early for the morning sun to be labelled "blazing". In fact, the many buildings along Leviste Street provided more than ample shade. But carry an umbrella she proudly did.

And she was talking out loud. In fact, I heard her running down a list of what I concluded were stuff she needed to buy at a convenience store. That she spoke a smattering of Bisaya was also not lost on me.

So my mind concluded, most likely rightly so, she was a maid.

Except that she was talking to herself. Hmmm, perhaps she's a maid who flew over the cuckoo's nest? Then I noticed the earplug and the wire dangling from the plug going down into her uniform.

Oh good lord, she's using a hands-free phone.

And I looked at my nearly four-year old Sony Ericsson Z610i, with its many scratches and dents, that I was holding in my left hand. And I stuffed it into my pants pocket.

And I said to myself, welcome to my new neighborhood.


citybuoy said...

ang social naman ni ate! haha well ganun talaga. you should see my side of makati with the high school kids who smoke, government employees, east indians, japayuki wives and bedspacers. strange how our makatis are so close but are so different.

Rygel said...

at least hindi bluetooth headset yun :D

MkSurf8 said...

shades of my plantsadora who comes to my place in pashmina and heels, fully made up. yes, she also uses a hands-free phone. =)

rudeboy said...

Somehow, I still hear Carrie Bradshaw narrating McVie In The City.

And your roomie - I bet she's a Charlotte.

Aris said...

sosyal! mahihiya rin and ericsson ko sa kanya hehe! :)

the geek said...

2012 is near. ;)

Johnny Cursive said...

i hope i could afford her for my household

Quentin X said...

I need one right now to tidy up my place!