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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Invitation To Party

Uber-photographer Ian Felix Alquiros is celebrating his birthday, and he’s celebrating it in uber-style! He’s bringing 15 of his favorite models for a ramp show. The show will be at 1am, so make sure you go there before that time—and bring lots of tissues. And who knows? You may yet to meet-and-greet some of the models too.

His invite is for one and all, so see you all in Bed this Friday, March 12. Yup, I will be there too. You see, Ian and I share the same birthday (along with direk Laurenti Dyogi), but unlike him, I can’t celebrate it in style. So makiki-birthday bash na lang ako, ahahaha! (Gosh, didn’t that make me sound so cheap or what?!) =)

For more info, click here.

And Ian’s video invite:


Nimrod said...

advance happy birthday! :)

~Carrie~ said...

he's definitely coming.

Ginawang G4M. Hehehe

rudeboy said...

Advanced greetings, McVie!

GEB ba ito, w00t, w00t!

Ming Meows said...

sana i could come. nasa calamba pa naman ako that day.

Guyrony said...

I have to be there! Macavie! Advance Happy Birthday!!!

Ian Felix Alquiros said...

OMG, McVie Birthday mo rin, waaaaaaaaaaaaa


Tristan Tan said...

Happy birthday na!!! See you there. :)

Aris said...

Happy birthday, Joel dahlin! *hugs and kisses* :)