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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Your Entrance Is Covered

I applaud Queeriosity for including a condom when you pay the entrance fee. Other bathhouses offer condoms and lube for sale, but Q goes one step further. By receiving a condom along with the key to their locker, clients are immediately reminded to play safe. It doesn’t guarantee that the client will use it, but at least giving them one makes using it more convenient, versus asking them to buy one. In the fight against HIV, going in-your-face is sometimes necessary, like our Health Secretary taking on the old fogies of the Church.

“Sa Q, sagot naming ang inyong unang putok!”


Anonymous said...

if i remember correctly, namention lang ni tony na may ordinance ata na ginagawang evidence ang existence ng condom sa establishment para masabing may prostitution na nagaganap sa establishment na yun.

if queerosity is taking that risk, kudos.

Quentin X said...

The state should just stop burrying its head in the sand; sex happens everywhere.
Sex-on-premises venues here in Oz always have condoms and lube accessible. It is time the state looks at it not as a moral issue but a mandate to protect public health.

Anonymous said...

@daredevilry: I think you misunderstood my statement daredevilry. Actually there are city ordinances in Pasay and Quezon City (and soon in Manila hopefully) that REQUIRE establishments such as hotels, lodging houses, spas, motels even KTV bars etc to make condoms readily available.

What I was saying was that despite the fact that there are such ordinances there are still scrupulous elements in those that serve the state that use the presence of condoms as evidence that there is prostitution happening in the premises.

In Queeriosity's case, their management has actually went to the length of taking directly to Pasay city's health officers to tell them of how they plan to make condom's available for free, but just make sure that such elements don't find their way to Q or if they do, that they will have the support of the city officer.

*interesting word verification btw: stbackno (ST back NO!) :P

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

“Sa Q, sagot naming ang inyong unang putok!”

you should suggest this as their tagline! haha it's very catchy!

iurico said...

and maybe suggest a few "catchy phrases" from Allan. hehe

Peace Allan.