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Friday, November 05, 2010

The Trevor Fabcast, Part 1

The Trevor Project and the “It Gets Better” campaign have been quite a-buzz online recently, especially in the light of recent gay teen suicides in the U.S.

So the Fabcasters decided to give our take on the subject. We asked ourselves (as well as members of the Peanut Gallery), when we were young were we bullied because we were gay? Or were we the ones bullying? How did we cope with bullying?

Part 1 can be subtitled: “CC’s sissy youth, and other growing-up stories.”

Listen and enjoy.

Download this Fabcast (right click and save)

(Music credits: "Hey Jay" by Eraserheads)


marco said...

I was singing that E'heads' song when I was young. It was one of my favourites. Ngayon ko lang napagtantong tungkol pala dun yung kantang yun. I'm so naive

good job fabcasters keep it up

Anonymous said...

Very good Fabcast! Sayang, wala si Migs.
One time in high school, after I transferred to a public school, I experienced a bully pick on me because he suspected that I was gay (I was kind of a loner because I don't know anyone yet). I gave him my pantented "evil-eye" look (the one I practice for times like that) and said, "Iayos mo ha," and the funny thing was that he apologized to me. His reply was, "A, pasensya na 'tol. Akala ko kasi bakla ka..." and he never bothered me again. And even though alam ko na mas maganda siguro kung umamin na lang ako to set an example, it goes to show that some bullies pick on "weaker" people because they have something to prove to themselves and/or to their peers. But inside, they are just as insecure and weak as any other teenager so one should not miss an opportunity to stand up for themselves.