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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Chona Fabcast, Part 1A

The Fabcasters and the peanut gallery spent two hours holed up in a function room in uberchic-resto Romulo’s in QC for another hilarious discussion. Migs had invited his fag-hag friend Chona as a special guest for this particular Fabcast. What was her role? Well, it won’t be made obvious just yet in part one, hahaha. Pa-suspense kasi. Anyway, in Part 1 you will hear the Fabcasters and peanut members share their childhood memories of incidents and inklings that gave them a hint (or more) that they were gay.

You may have noticed the “Part 1A” and are wondering, “What’s the A for?” Well, I had to split Part 1 in two because its total running time is 40+ minutes long. That makes it more difficult for listeners to download the file.

So sit back, relax and stroll down memory lane with the Fabcasters as we reminisce about the time when television had manual rotary dial, Caronia and Kokuryu were popular nail polish brands, and sexy male bomba stars in cheap showbiz magazines were our “porn” back then.

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The Chona Fabcast, Part 1A
Music credits:
“Por Una Cabeza” by Carlos Gardel
“Memory” by Sarah Brightman
“You’re In My Heart, You’re In My Soul” by Rod Stewart


thepurpleman said...

i really want to listen live in ur sessions...very interesting topics...

Unknown said...

Just wondering.... why not make a video podcast