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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Chona Fabcast, Part 1B

Here is the second half of part one, where the Fabcasters and several members of the peanut gallery share their “turning pink” growing up memories.

In this episode, we have Corporate Closet reliving his days as a student in “a school na itago na natin sa initials na U.P.;” LondonBoy screaming, “Tingnan mo kung ano ang ginahwoah mwoah!;” PC (CC’s Prince Charming) recounting his first sexual experience with the captain of the basketball team; Gibbs revealing that he was the banderitas queen of his school; Mark sharing how he would make kandirit like Little Red Riding Hood; Aleph admitting his celebrity crush; and Vince talking about how he found out that a male classmate had a crush on him.

And thanks to Gibbs, listeners will get to know who the original Pokwang is.

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Desperate Houseboy said...

Nabibitin ako lagi. pwede ba makahingi ng buong kopya. hehehe