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Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Generations Fabcast, Part 2

The Fabcasters talk about generation gaps and bridging generations. On this next part, Gibbs talks about why his attitude towards younger men changed, while Migs examines his past relationships, all with younger guys. Meanwhile Tony muses about his experiences with very young (as in, as young as 19 years old) guys, while Corporate Closet (CC) reminisces about the time when he was the young guy going out with an older guy. All throughout, the others do what they do best: make side comments.

Take a seat, relax and enjoy. (Oh by the way, there is a part three. Pramis, last part na yun.)

Music credits:
"Bless The Beast And The Children" by The Carpenters
"S&M" by Rihanna
(Sabi nga ni Migs, pati ang music may generation gap. Sadya po yun, mga folks.)


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