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Monday, August 08, 2011


The movie starts its commercial run on August 31, but you can jump the gun on your friends and watch it several days earlier, on August 23 at the Special Screening for the benefit of the Love Yourself Project (see previous blog entry).

Why should you watch it? Martin Escudero is, I believe, quite the revelation here. If I can, I will nominate him for a Best Newcomer Award. Not only does he display amazing acting chops here, he also has the looks that can charm your pants off. I swear, love ko na siya (but don’t tell Rocco that, ha). Also, Roderick Paulate IS Roderick Paulate. ‘Nuff said. Plus! THE Eugene Domingo is THE Eugene Domingo. If you’re not yet convinced, you must be straight. (So what are you doing, reading my blog?!)


Will said...

One of the funniest films I've seen in quite a while. Best Newcomer Award? Mart can even head straight to the Best Actor category for the Urian, in my opinion (but I reckon the panel won't let him).

Kiks said...

i am not a twinkist but i find martin attractive (in the fashion of my baklang brother's tone circa 1980s), huh?

ako na si roderick paulate!