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Monday, August 08, 2011

The Evolution Fabcast With Raymond Lee, Part 2

In the second and last part of our interview with Raymond Lee, we discuss about having boyfriends, falling for straight-acting gay guys, being patok with provincial lads, and the incident that sparked the creation of the movie Zombadings 1: Patayin Sa Shokot Si Remington.

Migs, Tony and I had the privilege of watching the world premiere of the movie during Cinemalaya, so we segued into discussing the movie, which was written by Raymond and Michiko Yamamoto and directed by Jade Castro. We don’t give any spoilers, but watch out for the moment when we revealed our favorite moments in the film.

Intrigued? Listen in!

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Music credits:

“My Kinda Girl (feat. Nelly)” by Pitbull
“Peace” by George Winston
“Je Me Donne A Qui Me Plait” by Brigitte Bardot
“Carmina Burana - 1. Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi: O Fortuna” by Carl Orff
“...And Then I Kissed Him” (from Pearl Harbor soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer

1 comment:

palma tayona said...

ZOMBADINGS is an extremely funny, very entertaining movie. Loved it when I saw it at Cinemalaya. Loved the script. Great actors and actresses. My jaws were hurting from laughing too much.

Just two comments. Somewhere in the end medyo nagiging 'sabog' ang mga eksena pero biglang bumawi naman. I guess kailangan lang ng konting editing. Just a little to make it 'tighter'. And that ending with the skate scene... PANALO! My friends and I were all guffawing.

My second comment: is that monologue at the end credits necessary? It was simply too preachy trying to rationalize being gay, sighting historical context etc. I wonder if the producers inserted it just for the Cinemalaya screening. It just flew over our heads and, frankly, a turn off. The movie itself speaks tons and is immensely great as it is. No more preachy stuff na lang at the end please.

Over all... PANALO KA RAYMOND!!! :-) Hehehe, I've been enthusiastically promoting this movie to everyone I know - even to our parish priest. :-)