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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gays Under Attack? Fabcast, Part 3

The third part of the discussion on gays under attack. We also welcome two members of the peanut gallery who came in late: Mark and newbie Jason (this is the latter’s first Fabcast recording).

Here we tackle the question raised by Inye: “How do we know that society is ready to accept gay marriage and equal rights for gay guys?” We also discuss how gays react to people’s seeming attack against homosexuals.

Listen in and enjoy the third of four parts.

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Music credits:

“Girls Gone Wild” by Madonna
“Theme from Beauty And The Beast” by Lee Holdrige and Don Davis
“Smokers Outside The Hospital Door” by Editors


My Diary of Pain said...

I secretly listen and enjoy your fabcast. I hope I could attend one when I come back to Philippines next December...

chink said...

first of all, i would like to say that the pod casts that you guys do can really help open the eyes of isolated people to the possibilities obscured by the shadow of ignorance and fear, kudos to all of you.

i would like to commend mcvie on his discourse on how to respond: being a catholic jesuit trained person myself , i do believe that it is within the parameters of the church to proclaim what they believe is morally sound. together with that is the freedom of every individual to decide whether or not s/he will follow the tenets set by the religion s/he subscribes to. for me, the underlying problem is not what other people say we must do but rather what we know is right within ourselves. if we are clear and hold fast to our individual value system, then regardless of what other people say, it can pass thru one ear and exit the other.

that being said, i would like to resonate with what CC said: if we can show in our lives actual events to disprove whatever others are saying, then it will be a more powerful tool than any lengthy rhetorical rebuttal that we can formulate. no one can ever diminish the value of true, concrete events and experience that we have.

no one culture or generational consciousness was ever ready for the coming change dealt by evolution and/or destiny. those who push too hard ended up creating revolutions with devastating effects. i believe the key is to push with the 'grace and finesse' that Migs was talking about. mutations are a very tricky process; if they happen too fast too furious, the entire organ system collapses. as a consciousness, the filipino people should recoup what we have never learned before; that is, to "love yourself" first so that we can generate fertile ground where untainted values can take root and flourish. only then can we talk about fixing the exterior; actually, we won't need to fix it because the order created inside will naturally influence the outside features.

Advent said...

Hi, Joel.

I love this fabcast. I've been listening in all this time. However, I only felt the urge to respond just now. To be honest, I've only listened to the podcasts talking about sex (mostly by choice), so it was a breath of fresh air for me to hear this.

I had the exact same "humbling moment" regarding the Pacquiao bruhaha. I even did a twitter barrage, signed the online petition, and told all my friends about it. In hindsight, that may not have been a mature thing for me to do. I felt that it did not make me different from those people I despised to begin with. I should have been better.

Who was the one who said that we have a truth to who he is (15:38 seconds in)? That it's no longer in the realm of the biblical. That was a very eloquent way of putting it. I can't help but be taken by the words. (the music in the background was not needed though. the message was powerful enough in itself.) :)

More power and keep on doing fabcasts like this. It's really inspirational.


joelmcvie said...

@ADVENT: That was Corporate Closet aka CC who said the money quote for the night, reinforced by Migs during his wrap-up in part 4. =)