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Wednesday, May 09, 2012


While watching the climactic battle towards the end of the movie Avengers, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Why is Manhattan/New York a favorite stomping ground for movie mass destruction?”

I would like to start a campaign addressed to Hollywood bigwigs (too bad Dolly Parton’s based in Nashville). Please, please, please! Let’s stop destroying Manhattan and other iconic cities of the world in your next movie of mass destruction.  I know that you’ve also wiped out San Francisco and Los Angeles, and have also taken aim at cities all over the world, like Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, London, and the like. Yes, they’re some of the most well-known cities of the world, icons of man’s civilized world. But they’re over-exposed. Or rather, the rest of the world feel under-exposed. I like that you guys have prominently featured Moscow and Dubai in the latest Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, but we should really go for the more obscure ones.

Let the aliens hover over the cliffs of Dover. Not only does the previous thought rhyme, there’s a reason for it too. The cliffs look spectacular and cinematic.

Godzilla’s next visit should be in Venice. The waterways are a natural for this seafaring monster. And ooh, the sights of Venice are a picturesque foreground while the green monster spews fire in the background. Pretty!

Avengers assemble... in Turkey! There Tony Stark can invite the others to eat shawarma in the place where it originated. And Istanbul in particular has beautiful landmarks that the Hulk can smash, Thor can strike lightning upon, and where Hawkeye can, uhm, perch. Yeah.

Let natural disasters rain down on Ibiza. The great thing with this location is that directors and producers have a great excuse to show much skin and sexy bodies prior to the mayhem that ensues (all disaster movies have a “preambulatory” first part). And then, when the viewers are invested in the characters, BAM! Tidal waves, hurricane-force winds, and destructive lightning galore. Nothing breaks an audience’s heart more than seeing Paradise become Para-dies.

Too bad Manila can never be The Metropolis That Gets Demolished. It’s already too messy, the camera can’t tell the difference.


Will said...

It wouldn't be very faithful to the comic book if they didn't set the Avengers movie in New York, right? Lots of Marvel stories involve New York, so the presence of the city is highly inevitable in the movie versions, and the studios don't want to anger some fans if they set it in Turkey or Madagascar.

Now that you mention it, you do have a point in overusing New York. There are still lots of original films (ones not based on books) that destroy the city. I had to Google it pa. :p

TBR said...

venice is iconic in many films too, even in a non-romance like don't look now, indiana jones and the last crusade, and league of extraordinary gentlemen. istanbul, turkey, too, in from russia with love and i'm sure there are others because i think i remember it being a favorite exotic backdrop in many old movies. next cities please! :D

joelmcvie said...
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joelmcvie said...

Venice and Istanbul are exotic backdrops, yes. But they are underutilized as cities to be SMASHED and destroyed by aliens, monsters, megalomaniacs bent on world domination, and natural disasters. I'm looking at mass destruction which, in your examples, only League did. But that's just one movie point for Venice.

(By the way, threatened-to-be-destroyed-but-threat-was-stopped-in-time do not count, hehehe. I think there's this movie wherein the villain's plot is to sink Venice, but he of course doesn't succeed.)

Mac Callister said...

Haha anglaki ng problema mo mcvie natawa ako!

Why not sa squatters area sa manila, tapos yun ang dudurugin ni hulk! Oh-hah!

Its cheaper kasi kung around US lang ang production hehe

Rygel said...

imagine Malacañang Palace being destroyed by aliens... :)

wandering emo said...

I totally agree with you!

Very nice post!