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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hello, I’m Back-la…

…and I need your help. :-)

I’m back in Manila as I’m writing this. I’m in Starbucks using WIFI because our line at home is slower than usual; unfortunately, the WIFI service isn’t any faster either. Grrr.

It’s weird going back after an absence of two weeks. Everything is strange yet familiar. When I sat behind the wheel of Orlando, the look and feel was different. You see, back in Bohol I drove either a van (L-300) or an AUV (Adventure) whenever our relatives lent us their vehicles. Plus in Bohol there are zero traffic jams. And no seatbelt rule; the first thing I forgot to do when I drove Orlando again was to strap my seatbelt on. Sheesh. Driving, I was more careful than usual; it’s as if I was driving for the very first time. The streets looked familiar, yet things seemed off. It’s like the feeling of coming out of your house and looking at your surroundings after a particularly harsh typhoon blew through town.

I need a couple of days before everything becomes familiar and routine again. Including doing The McVie Show.

Right now I’m stuck not knowing what to talk about. Maybe you guys can help me. Any suggestions? Anything you want me to talk about? Any questions you want me to answer? Let’s go interactive, shall we?

Suggest and ask away!


astroboi said...

finally! ur back-la again! hehe welcome back! :)

go forth and blog!

Anonymous said...

How about... the wonders of being single? Or resolutions for the New year?

Nelson said...

Oh! Happy new year, McVie!

I've been reading about "Enteng Kabisote" winning the best picture, and the bishops lambasted the movie. Care to comment on that?

I also viewed the Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah ze Moveeh website, and I'm curious how it went. I'm coming back to Manila in June for a very short visit, and I'm hoping to snag a DVD copy to bring home with me (and show all the afams about Pinoy kabaklaan he he he).

Also, your thoughts on Daniel Smith being handed over to the Americans despite his conviction.

OK eto lang muna. Perplexed ang lola mo sa mga balitang Pinoy na itesh.

hombre said...

hi how about the issue of being alone, gay and getting old? im turning 36 and it is one of those thoughts i dread to ponder. maybe you can share or your readers a thing or two