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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Gray Area

People like to see things in black and white. After all, it is easier when you only have two to choose from.

But there are spaces between black and white, that gray landscape where it’s neither here nor there, right nor wrong, drunk nor sober, male nor female, love nor hate, all-mind nor all-heart. I like this gray area. It’s a special place, a much more colorful place than its name. That’s why I prefer to call it “in-between.”

Extremes are for the simple-minded. To navigate the complex in-betweens, one needs smarts. But a genius is one who can simplify the in-betweens while keeping and embracing their complexities.

They say that white is the presence of all colors, while black is the absence of color. Gray is the inclusion of, ironically if you think about it, all and no colors. That it can hold two opposing thoughts at the same time makes gray all-powerful.

Unfortunately, it’s dull as a fashion palette. Well, one can’t have everything.


Herbs D. said...

true. i love the physic-ish touch to this.

Ming Meows said...

i like gray, its neat

MrCens said...

brilliant post! is this original from the author? hehehe, joke! =)

Anonimus said...

As a palette, yes dull. But I like to think I can spot subtle differences in shades of gray.

However, as a canvas, I'd pick it any time over black or white.

the barefoot baklesa said...

Sci-Fi Fans are familiar with this:

"I am grey. I stand between the darkness and the light."

I used to say this to my students on the first day, "There are only two types of students in my class. It's either you're brilliant ot you're scraping dirt on the floor. If you're the latter, don't get caught."

Ah grey... Is it room to grow or is it room to go?

cb :: 林偉文 said...

there's a jewel song called gray matter from this way. this was pre-0304 (phew!) and was recorded live. i think it fits perfectly with your blog post.

Doc Mike said...

Very true. One can't have everything.

Haylav this post, napaandar bigla ang utak ko. ;-)