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Sunday, June 21, 2009

An Out-Of-This-World Exchange

I recently received a message from someone na itago na lang natin sa codename na Not A Grandmaster, or NAG for short, on Planet Romeo aka The Site Formerly Known As G4M, or TSFKAG4M for short. The following is our exchange of messages:

NAG 18:14
hi there sexy! wanna SEB with you Papa, hehehe.

mcvie 12:40
Well, you’re sexy too. =)

NAG 12:46
hehe.. u got place?

mcvie 12:49
Unfortunately no. Do you have a place?

NAG 12:50
la rin... steal mate... hehehe

mcvie 12:52
“Steal mate”? What do you mean by that? =)

NAG 12:53
sa chess db pag pareho wla magawa stealmate?.. tama ba tol? or hehehe

mcvie 12:56
Ah, stalemate. =)

NAG 12:59
ooppss hehehe rong mistake

And that’s when the exchange got stale. I thought of replying, “Steal mate? You mean like a partner-in-crime?” but that might just fly way past him.

Happy Fathers’ Day to all papas!


ash said...

bwehhe...i got few experiences like this din :)
it gives you that "could have been" moment

Ming Meows said...

ano naman ang koneksyon dun sa father's day?

palma tayona said...

palakpak... palakpak... palakpak...


sky said...

Dapat still-mate. Sabi nya kasi walang magawa. So the chess pieces are standing still.

Wrong spelling ka.

joelmcvie said...

@SKY: *sings* "Why don't we still away? Why don't we still away, into the night, I know it ain't right...."

karla said...

hahaha. maybe that's his way of being funny...ok, it's corny. haha