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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Can Help You…

…let go.

It’s simple, really. I can block you on Twitter, take you out of Facebook, Friendster and all other social network sites we’re in, ignore or delete you in YM, and if necessary, delete your number on my phone.

But if I do that, it wouldn’t be letting go for you. That would be me pushing you away. And you might end up blaming me for making you feel bad.

No, letting go entails action from you.

Unfollow me on Twitter.
Take me off all your social network sites.
Ignore me on YM.
And if necessary, delete my number on your phone directory.

Take control of your life. Don’t let me be the one leading yours.

Then again, it is your decision. In the end, you choose for yourself.

* * * * *

(For the record: This episode of The McVie Show is not addressed to Kent. However, I got the germ of the idea from one of our text conversations in the past. So there. Now you can stop asking.)


the geek said...

i did those things but i ended up thinking of him felt like i was running away...

DATS said...


joelmcvie said...

@THE GEEK: Letting go is not about forgetting or not thinking of him. =)

the geek said...

yes, i found out that later. they will always be a part of our lives.

that was 6 years ago...anyway, we are good friends now..hehehe

Herbs D. said...

i can totally relate to this. i burn bridges, i dont push them away. ahihihihi :-p

some times, it helps you. besides, i know all their phone numbers and YM id by heart hahaha

Anonymous said...

maganda ang post na ito.

greg said...

love your post!

Tristan Tan said...

Letting go is easier said than done but it is possible, in time.

Time out! Parang may pinaghugutan ang comment ko. LOL.

cb :: 林偉文 said...

ouch. been there. done that. i thought everything was fine until i woke up one morning and realized i've been bitter for two long years. haha so stupid. i don;t think there's one single way to get over someone although ending communication is always a good way to start.

palma tayona said...

Letting go is cutting EVERYTHING that reminds you of the other person in one fell swoop. Parang... pag-aalis yan ng pigsa mula sa balat ng iyong puso. Gumamit ng ku-yo para mahinog at lumabas ang mata. Pagkatapos eh kumuha ng bote ng, say magnolia... ipatong sa namimintog na bukol na puno ng nana at sa isang matinding pukpok ay maipupuswit ang sakit, hapdi at LAHAT ng pighati. For a while, mamamaga ang iyong damdamin, mawawala't mamamanhid ngunit makalipas ng sakit ng pag-aalis ng mata't nana ng pigsa ay muli kang makakahinga at mistulang luluwag ang iyong dibdib. and the road to healing becomes more clear and unfettered.

in the meantime, i won't even suggest friendship with ex-lovers. it's like saying "i'm sorry. i failed me, and you'll always be there to remind me." it sucks. it's a loser's version of living hell and... it's looking for company in misery.