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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Blog Shout-Outs

Presenting two new blogs that have grabbed my attention (click on the titles to go to the sites).

[A] Palabas

I found out about this blog when Xander tweeted about it. I don’t know if Palabas started out as a serious attempt: the very first entry is about the first Filipino movie ever made, Dalagang Bukid. But then it evolved into a fun and oftentimes funny compilation of trivia, scenes, and stolen shots of memorable moments in showbiz, whether in the movies or on TV.

It even has a “separated-at-birth” feature:

Palabas seems to have a bias for John Lloyd Cruz, and is partial to a lot of the Kapamilya stars and shows. Palabas is frequently updated so visiting the site every day never fails to put a smile on my face.

[B] Fickle Cattle

He first came to my attention when he commented about Tom Hardy in my entry on Inception. I clicked on the link and discovered a very well-written blog, one that relies more on hooking readers with words and ideas rather than sexy men in various stages if undress (not that there’s anything wrong with the latter, I’m just saying). And he even aspires to write like David Sedaris.

Personal blogs and journals are a little tricky. You have to have some hook that will keep readers coming back to your blog. The easiest would be to put lots of sex in the blog, whether in words or in pictures. Going emo is also another way to hook readers; but ranting in anger, raving over something or gushing over someone can get old pretty quickly, unless the writer is skilled enough to keep readers hanging on.

Fickle Cattle is a multi-faceted blogger, and this multiplicity of interests makes his blog a more stimulating read. He can swing from rice importation to the Young Avengers to dreams without breaking into a sweat. Fickle much? Not really. His distinct voice and point of view are very much present and consistent in his writing.

I like his writing style. It is neither too simple nor too verbose and obtuse. That he is a lawyer and a creative writer makes for a more interesting mix. Law sharpens one’s left-brain skills, while poetry and creative writing taps the right-brain functions. Will Fickle Cattle succeed in tiptoeing from one side of his brain to another in the months to come?

Check it out and let us find out.


rudeboy said...

I followed Fickle Cattle for the same reasons you posted, Joel.

He's such a good read I'm almost willing to forgive the "lawyer" part :P

I hope he's in for the long haul because I'm looking forward to more.

Fickle Cattle said...

@mcvie: you just put into words everything I was going for in my blog. I'm very very grateful.

@rudeboy: thanks! this and your comment ranks as two of the best compliments I've gotten in my life.

Unknown said...

cool finds! :)

Anonymous said...

PANALO yung palabas! hahahaha i love yung kay jessica soho na separated at birth! LOL

Guyrony said...

I must say Fickle Cattle is a fresh and welcome addition to the blogosphere.

Well-written posts. Structured and particular.

Anonymous said...

...and just like that, tumaas ang ratings niya! ikaw na, mcvie, ang sharon cuneta ng gay blogosphere :-P

joelmcvie said...

@BOYTROPOLIS: Weh! Sana hindi rin ako lumaki katulad ni Ate Shawie. In kilograms, I mean.