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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chew On This

What’s with Recipes by Café Metro? I was enjoying dinner with ShatterShards at their Greenbelt branch when we noticed a gay couple (meaning, two gay guys together; we weren’t sure if they were a couple) stand up and leave the restaurant—only to have their recently-vacated table occupied by another gay couple (this time we think they really are in a relationship; their body language suggested it).

That’s when we realized that there were so many gay guys in Recipes. And soon enough, two gays and a fag hag occupied the table next to us. After them, four fellow bekis entered and occupied the table behind me. So I turned around and surveyed the whole restaurant. I counted at least 15 pink diners (Shards and I included).

This isn’t the first time either of us has noticed that the GB branch is a haven for PLU’s. What’s remarkable is that it’s not a gay-oriented business, and yet it attracts a fairly significant number of bekis, compared to the other businesses in GB. So what is with Recipes? What’s their secret recipe for attracting the pink peso?

Is it the waiters? None of them looked exceptionally drool worthy, so scratch that. Is it the food? The servings are for sharing, so it makes sense to eat at Recipes with someone; but that doesn‘t make a place gay. Is it because of all the restos in GB, Recipes gives the most bang-per-buck?

Well, whatever it is, consider Recipes in Greenbelt a pink magnet. Next time you go there, switch your gaydar off for it’ll just go off like crazy.


red the mod said...

Hey, I dine there often and my gaydar never buzzed. Maybe it's defective or simply obsolete. Or because I always sit beside the the handrails? Hehe.

From a design point of view, their interiors is stark without being cold, modern without the detachment, and elegant without flamboyance. Maybe its this balance of beauty and restraint that makes it so homey yet fab?

On a planning point of view, its location if perfect for voyeurism. Its nearly across the fountain from where you alight the escalators, a precursor to the other wing (or conversely a terminus), and (by the handrail) a good place to spot the piazza below.

It's a stage. The mise-en-scene. And the fact that their food is really well-priced, and delicious, is simply icing on the cake.

Fickle Cattle said...

I agree. You should also put Kitchen on your list. So many gay men.

Nimmy said...

nice! sige ma-try nga dun.

question is san ba ang GB? choz! nangungulit lang :)

imsonotconio said...

oo nga nho

joelmcvie said...

@RED: We've never actually stayed outside (majinit jackson kasi eh). But whether in or out (are you in or out? are you in or out?), maraming bekis pa rin. Hmmmm... maybe Recipes is the center of the pink universe!

@FICKLE: Naku, may cropping ka pang nalalaman sa avatar mo, hahaha! Ipakita mo na fez mo. Cute ka naman eh. =)

daredevilry said...

tama si fickle cattle. i was supposed to say add kitchen to the list but he beat me to it. :)

Fickle Cattle said...

@joel: art yan. anuba. panira ka ng effect. :-)

joelmcvie said...

@FICKLE: Art shmart my arse. :-)

palma tayona said...

I showed your blog to a faggy friend of mine whilst we were chatting and here are his comments. I couldn't help but laugh after having read it three times. I swear, I couldn't for the life of me comprehend fully "gay speak". I try but I fail miserably. :-(


ma-shoray ha. wit nya knows vhaket??? 2 rasonkeepluk why daming vhaklush sa recipluks:

MUMURS. keri sa bujette ng mga vhadingerz na megasite ng value-for-money ekhlavuvu. take note ha, mga meytrow-sexual na workasung sa makati at nakatira sa mga studio-type hawla there-there OOOR kay mama at fafah at felengez na mag-lafang sa sosyaluh na pleyz. menyuuu nila eh eclecticah at bitesize lhang - isang nganga go na na sa ngalangala - fara sa mga figure conscienciousnezz.

FEELING. halleeeeeereezzz, sa drama fa lang, feeling na feeling sha-noh?? ang mga mezzes at selyah... fasyon sa fasyon! napaka-sleeek. at take note ha feeling goldfish o exoticaah kayong megaswim sa aquarium kapag mega-lafang diteech. masasite ka pa ng mga amigas at amigogos mo na thinking of you, thinking of me sila na keri mo mag-mega-spend ng datung, na mega-tipid ka naman ng sweldo in trulili, sa sosyaleen na restowanzung.

take note ah, para sa mga trulili na sowsyal like moi, mazzz lafang goes ako sa Duo. duduguin nga lhang manhole mo sa presyo feroooh... sosyal ka naman. dami pang afamz dun. oooodeeevah?? keri ba dadagz?

joelmcvie said...

@PALMA'S BEKI FRIEND: Wit ko betchay ang afamz fatale. Sa pesoses presyoses na akiz evur.

ManilaRaunch said...

actually, may gay-friendly waiter sa recipes gbelt3 hehehee

joelmcvie said...

@MANILARAUNCH: Na-o-order ba yang waiter na yan? LOL

Guyrony said...


We ate here last December!

And we were a whole group of gay guys!!!


Fifteen people, as what I can remember.

ManilaRaunch said...

@mcvie: wala sa menu eh pero keri naman as appetizer yung smile and willingness to give out his phone number bwahahaha