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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Tell It Like It Is

An excerpt from a chat I had with, let’s call him Champaca, an MGGFF-er, over FB:

Champaca: I hope l’ll find true love.

McVie: Ah well….

Champaca: Hehehe…  I want to be commited naman.

McVie: I think one does not look for true love. One just loves truly.

There was a bit of pause here. Maybe Champaca was busy chatting with the others in the MGGFF chat box.

Champaca: And love is not to search on to (sic)… it will come in due time. And God will bring me there.

I hesitated. I thought of quipping about God being a divine matchmaker, but changed my mind.

McVie: Actually love IS all around you.

At this point, I wanted to sing, “Na-feel mo na bang ma-finger? Na-feel mo na bang ma-tow?” but I knew that joke on Wet Wet Wet’s hit song will never translate well on chat.

Champaca: Maarte lang ako.

McVie: One just needs to learn how to recognize and appreciate love.

Champaca: I’m a perfectionist.

(Hay naku. Patay kang bata ka.)

McVie: There is nothing perfect in this world, including love. So as a perfectionist, you are bound to always be disappointed. And you will never find that perfect love. So... I guess you need to either relax and lighten up, or be prepared to be single all your life!

There was no reply for quite a long time. And just like that…

Champaca is offline.


Ming Meows said...

wa na sya ma-say.

Mu[g]en said...

Hahahaha! Hindi kinaya ang reality McVie. Sabagay, masarap nga naman mangarap.

Felipe said...

Hayyyy.... pasensyahan mo na. once upon a time, dumaan din naman tayo, or marami sa atin, sa ganyang idea. Ganyan din ako doon. Pero yes, patay kang BATA ka. He'll grow older and will know better. Para sa mga kabataan, merong tunay at wagas na pag-ibig (na sa totoo lang ay tumatagal lang sa loob ng 3 months.... ahaha ahaha). But for now, pasensya lang 'te.

dr magsasaka said...

Di ka na-gets. Yun lang.

Tony said...

Ah the optimism of youth. A fine line between endearing and barf inducing. Guess where this falls under? :P

"I'm a perfectionist."!?! what does that even mean in this context (or any context)? If he out to make the perfect love? ROFL

Ryan said...

Ay sino itong si Champaca? Mukhang kelangan ko na yata talagang magbalik-online at I'm missing out so much on MGGFF already. Hahaha :)

rudeboy said...