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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Whozits And Whatzits Galore

When Disney’s The Little Mermaid first came out, I thought it was one of the gayest Disney animation movies to ever come out. (Of course I eventually realized that most of their animated movies were sooo gay.) Watching Han Christian Andersen’s Disney-fied tale, one is struck at how girls (and gay guys) can easily identify with Princess Ariel. But an obviously gay character was Ursula—she was just 8 tentacles away from being an underwater drag queen.

Her definitive song number is Poor Unfortunate Souls, and for me, her winning moment comes when she sings:

“And don’t forget…”

“…the importance of…”

“…body language! Hah!”

However, nothing beats Ariel’s moment in Part Of Your World (Reprise), where she sings, full of hope, atop a rock. And at that precise moment when she hits crescendo with:

“Part of your…”


The waves crash behind her and the wind dramatically billows her hair as she lifts her upper body up in time with the last high note. Hanep sa ending, yan ang dramatic! Until now, that image is still one of my most memorable in the Disney animation canon.

What’s your favorite Disney animation moment?


Shenanigans said...

favorite cartoons ko toh eh.. ever!

Anonymous said...

Mulan (first movie) when the Emperor and everyone in the Forbidden City bowed down to her even after she nearly destroyed the roof of the palace with firecrackers... now that's my kind of girl!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

i won't say i'm in love from hercules. i'm a sucker for them grecian-themed stories. :-)

Ming Meows said...

unforgettable para sa akin ang aladdin. that was my first gay fantasy cartoon.

somelostboy said...

Though I really adore Andersen's original The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty always comes first when I think of Disney.

And I remember my Dad asking if Ursula is a tranny.

Lasher said...

that one too was my most memorable animated movie scene! goosebumps!!!

Kiks said...

you beat me to this, bitch.

i'll have my flotsam electrocute you.