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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

On The Radio

Monday evening on my way home after a happy dinner with friends, I switched on to 103.5 WOW-FM. The DJ on board was Tina Ryan, and she had her own peanut gallery in the booth (it sounded like they were 5 or 6 more people). She was taking in callers, and one of them was a guy named Butch. He didn’t sound like a guy; in fact, I thought he was either an old woman or a gay guy.

DJ: “Ano pangalan mo?”

B: “Butch po.”

DJ: “O Butch, ano ba ang trabaho mo?”

B: “Ano po… BI po ako.” (He pronounced “BI” as “bee-eye.”)

Huh? I thought to myself. B-I? B-I, as in “bad influence”? Or D-I, as in dance instructor? Or did he really mean B-I, as in “bi” or “bisexual”? Apparently DJ Tina and everyone else in the booth weren’t sure either.

DJ: “Ano nga raw? BI?”

B: “BI po, as in bisually impeyrd. Blind po ako.”

Ooh, I smiled silently. Visually-impaired.

Everyone in the booth said, “Ah!” and became immediately gracious to Butch.

DJ: “Ay, ok lang yan, Butch! Wala namang problema kung blind ka!” And everyone in the booth agreed.

When she found out that Butch worked as a masseur, Tina Ryan invited him to join them in the booth the next time.

DJ: “Next time punta ka rito’t maki-party sa amin sa booth, masaya yun!”

Butch hesitated. His voice trembled, and I could hear his embarrassment clearly. “Eh hindi ba naman ako ma-out of place, eh lahat kayo nakakakita habang ako’y BI?”

A split-second pause, then everyone in the booth reacted at the same time. From above the din, Tina Ryan’s voice could be heard.

DJ: “Hay naku, bakit ka ma-a-out-of-place? Jusko, wala namang pinagkaiba natin eh.”

B: “Ay talaga ho?” I could hear him getting excited at the prospect of meeting his idol.

“Oo naman!” Tina Ryan’s voice turned even more gracious. She was really going out of her way to make Butch feel comfortable on-air.

And then she said it.

DJ: “Butch, napanood mo ba yung ‘Daredevil’?”

The others in the booth grew silent.

B: “Po?”

OMG, I said out loud to no one.

DJ: “Napanood mo ba yung pelikulang ‘Daredevil’ Butch? O di ba parang ikaw si Daredevil, at ako naman si Elektra!” And she giggled at her own clever comparison.

I think someone from the peanut gallery leaned over to Tina Ryan and spoke to her. Butch, however, was nonplussed.

B: “Ay oo napakinggan ko na po yung buong pelikula…”

…and that’s when it dawned on Tina Ryan.

DJ: “Ay, sorry sorry sorry sorry, oo nga pala, sorry sorry sorry sorry…!”

Sometimes if you make a mistake live, you are so dead. Lahveet!

P.S. – The next evening I listened in again on her program and Butch was on again. It looks like he’s going to be a regular caller on her show. When he was wondering what costume he’d wear for Halloween, she joked, “Daredevil?” Hahaha! She has fully recovered from her gaffe, and all’s well that ends well.


MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

walang papalpak sa good intentions.

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

omg it's like that old terrible joke. nakita mo na ba yung bagong video ni stevie wonder? it's so politically incorrect but soo funny.

rudeboy said...

Hehe that's a funny yet oddly-heartwarming story, Joel. I'm sure she meant well, although her gaffes were hilarious.

Good to hear Butch had a good sense of humor about it, as well.

Next, regarding their scheduled rendezvous, I'd like to hear Tina Ryan tell Butch over the airwaves that "We'll see each other soon, okay?"

Von_Draye said...

. . . .


thanks for this post.

~Carrie~ said...

Funny and heart-warming

Anonymous said...

Hahaha nakakatuwa naman... parang kahit anong seryosong eksena ata hindi papatok kapag si Tina Ryan na ang kausap mo :)

ethan h said...

It's Tina Ryan for my late night drive time pleasure. I find her show funnier than that Papa Jack (I used to listen to him) with that irritating laugh track that plays all throughout.

Ryan said...

That sounds odd and so off but yes, it was an honest mistake.