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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bed Manila Is Back-la!

First, the official press release (with matching pictures):

BED Manila will finally hold its grand public opening on December 17, Friday.

The long wait is over and after a series of endless teasing, BED Manila brings you the real deal! A bigger and definitely better BED Manila for you to explore.

With more than 600 square meters, 3-storey dance and music playground, now you can truly play all you want in BED Manila. This is the biggest BED ever!

BED Manila aims to be Asia’s capital of lifestyle celebration giving its unique market the most innovative entertainment, products, services, facilities and exceptional individuals all in one equally uniquely designed space.

Its battle cry: “Live Loud. Live Proud.”

In BED Manila, everyday is a celebration of diversity as well as individuality. It celebrates music, the soul of its home. It celebrates dance, the way we play. It will be the home of great individuals who celebrate their passion for success, love, life and freedom.

The grand public opening is supported by Dove Men, Vaseline Men, Folded & Hung and Finlandia Vodka.

Last Saturday, Dec. 11, we attended the invitational launch of Bed Manila. Since it was an invitational event, the crowd was more of friends of friends of friends. And what can I say about the new place?

In Goldilocks’ tale, she didn’t like Papa Bear’s bed because it was too hard. She also didn’t like Mama Bear’s bed because it was too soft. But she loved Baby Bear’s bed because it was just right.

When Bed first opened, it was a small hole-in-the-wall two-storey affair. When it got crowded, it got really packed. But the Manila gays didn’t mind feeling like sardines; it was a chance to snuggle up (or maybe cop a feel or two) to your crush. It was like a private (jam-packed) space that we grew up with, and to this day I still remember the small space with much fondness. But Bed closed down for renovations.

Bed re-opened to a bigger venue, with an even bigger mirror ball. There was more space, space, space. Though it frequently got crowded (especially on Saturday evenings), the bigger space meant more maneuvering room. It didn’t feel like the private “hideaway” that Bed used to be, but change was inevitable. More guys were more open to exploring their sexuality, and Malate was losing some of the old-time gay-friendly establishments—the pink crowd needed a place to call home. Bed was big enough to welcome all of them.

The fire unfortunately killed the music for a few months, and the Bed crowd flocked to other alternatives (in The Fort and Ortigas). But now the brand new Bed Manila is back.

What struck me most was how Bed Manila raised the ante on the interiors. Most gay establishments have this somewhat seedy, thrown-together look; it’s like they didn’t have much money to really spruce up the place. The new Bed Manila is light-years cooler than its previous incarnation. Gone is the ubiquitous throw-back-to-a-bygone-era mirror ball. From the snazzy interiors designed by Ricky Disini to the too-too cool monitors and huge screen in front and behind the DJ’s booth, Bed Manila now looks first world. And why shouldn’t it be? Why can’t we have international DJs come in and spin for us?

What’s even better, they now have converted the third floor/rooftop into the smoking area. My biggest beef with the old venue was the lack of proper ventilation; all that cigarette smoke would eventually sting my eyes and made the place unbearable.

My other complaint was the heat, especially when the place gets too packed. In the following days we’ll see if the new airconditioning units can take the heat of a jampacked Bed. Then again, maybe the place will never really reach the crowded levels of the old Bed—if they increase the entrance fee, then that will naturally put a limit to the number of people crowding the place.

On the 17th of December we’ll find out if the latest incarnation of Bed Manila is not too big, not too hot, but just right for all of us Goldilockses.


MkSurf8 said...

huuuwaaat???? (OA!) Bed is now a BEAR club? choz!

see you friday teh!

shenanigans said...


i dont know what to say.... i mean its B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!



excited much!

Sean said...

i'm sure everyone will flock to Bed on the 17th and gay blog traffic in Manila will sloooooow down.

Jay said...


ONAI said...

lol at bigger mirror ball

yep missed the small Bed :) sana they did the expansion, but still maintained cozy, small, private places here and there :P

wow roof deck... wow that's awesome, its like a backroom/ hada place, now roof garden na siya wowww

kudos nga on their interiors I love it and the clean CR's

Aris said...

huwaw! i can't wait for saturday. :)

Vladmr Geoff said...

News is that Entry Fee is PHP500.00 (USD12.00) and Booze is not less than PHP100.00 (USD2.50) minimum.

That would surely put a cap on the number of people coming in to the joint.