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Monday, December 27, 2010

Mass Entertainment

For the first time in years I attended the Misa de Gallo at our parish church in Marikina. And I was surprised by what I saw.

I never knew that our current parish priest is so showbiz. Through the years our parish always had two anticipated masses on Dec. 24. But this year he limited it to one mass, which had us worried because the church cannot accommodate all the parishioners in our village. So he had wide-screens and projectors set up all around the church so that the overflow of people in the parking lot would be able to see the mass like on TV.

He also had the old lady collectors dress up in Filipinana costumes and do a dance number after they finished doing their rounds for the second collection after communion. In the beginning of their dance number, the lights in the church were turned off. Then the dancers held up blinking lights as the music played. Karir kung karir ang dance number! The dance itself looked like a traditional Filipino folk dance mashed with tai chi simplicity to accommodate the osteoporostic participants.

And before the final blessing, our parish priest announced that there was going to be a fireworks display at the parish parking lot.

As I watched the night sky ablaze, I wondered how the mass would look like if Master Showman German Moreno overhauled it.


the barefoot baklesa said...

tinsel, spangles, lots and lots of it...vaudevillean to say the least... bwahahahahaha!!!!!

Kiks said...

HAHAHA high time filipino masses get to be entertaining, engaging without losing the spirit.

(unless ginawa nya yan for more showbiz opportunities...)

Sean said...

daily masses will be assisted by different groups. they will be called the monday group, tuesday group, and so on. the manongs and the manangs will be paired into love teams. misa de gallo (24th) will be a showdown of all groups. father will open the midnight mass by telling the sleepy crowd, "walaaang tulugaaaan!!!"

imsonotconio said...

happy holidays mcvie!!!!!!!!

Ming Meows said...

hahaha. ginaya yung dancing tax collectors sa cebu