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Thursday, December 09, 2010

No Gaydar? No Problem!

Last Monday, London_boy and I went to the Ayala Triangle to try out one of the new restaurants that opened there. Unfortunately the crowd was still quite thick, so we ended up retreating. And that’s how we got to watch a portion of the light show at the Ayala Triangle Gardens (Mon-Fri, every 30mins from 6pm to 9pm).

It’s really just Christmas lights on trees that are set to blink on-and-off to music. It’s pretty straightforward, if you think about it. But gather thousands and thousands of lights and hang, twirl, wrap, or spread them around trees and on the ground beneath them, and you’ve got a spectacular sight.

So it happened that we stumbled upon the middle of the trees while a slow song was playing (something like, “Silent Night”), so the lights were also gently, slowly fading on and off in time with the music. Most of the lights were off, in keeping with the stillness of the song.

But then it was immediately followed by a lively tune. Suddenly all the lights in the trees burst forth in a blaze of color. It was a gasp-inducing sight! London_boy and I couldn’t help ourselves; out of our mouths burst forth an awe-inspired tili:


A split-second later we realized what happened and burst out laughing. “Shet, nabisto tayo!” said London_boy.

So! If you suspect someone of hiding inside his pink closet, just invite him to the light show at the Ayala Triangle Garden. And watch his inner bakla burst out in a kaleidoscope of tili.


~Carrie~ said...

Hahahahaha!!! Winnur

Ming Meows said...

kung hindi parin magclick, observe na lang kung tumitingin sa mga boys.

Sean said...

Aaayyyy! Bukelya!!! Hahaha!

Von_Draye said...

Hahaha!! or,
those gulat-moments.

Either, may bagay na mahuhulog, or gulatin mo bigla...

ang umirit! BECKY!