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Friday, October 07, 2011

The Day The Apple Died

First came the shock, along with the reposting of the news. Then the condolences and the accolades came. And because Steve Jobs is a very quotable guy, the quotes followed. Soon to pop up are the jokes and the spoofs (in fact, I have already seen one cartoon; it’s cute, actually).

But one message that was passed on yesterday caught my eye: “Steve Jobs was born out of wedlock, put up for adoption at birth, dropped out of college, then changed the world. What’s your excuse?”

Something about it didn’t sit well with me. Besides, not everyone who changes the world changes it for the better. So in a huff I riffed off that message and came up with: “Hitler didn’t advance beyond secondary education, failed to enter art school, was tried and sentenced to prison, but rose to power then changed the world. Do we excuse him?”

Then I promptly forgot all about it.

The next day someone commented: “you mean, excuse the genocide? how you could possibly even ask this question.”

Toink. Memo to me: Not everyone who views my Facebook has a wall similar to mine.

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