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Friday, October 07, 2011

The Sexworkers Fabcast, Part Three

“You dress me up, I’m your puppet.
You buy me things, I love it.
You bring me food, I need it.
You give me love, I feed it.”

Here’s the third and final part of the rambunctious and opinion-ladened Fabcast.

Here we introduce Boy Toy. He was silently listening to the discussion during the first part, but then he started asking questions by the second part. On the third part he takes center stage, asking questions and giving his opinion, considering that he himself personally has friends who are, in his words, “high-class prostitutes.”

Here we also touch on the different values of people and the different reasons why someone will or will not engage the services of a sex worker. We also take a look at the way the sex industry has evolved through time; the older generation reminisce on pre-digital hook-ups. Towards the end the members of the peanut gallery weigh in their two-cents worth on the whole discussion.

It’s interesting how people reveal their values and their way of thinking when the topic of discussion is such a divisive and controversial one.

Click below, enjoy listening and I hope you get something out of this discussion.

“But look at my hopes, look at my dreams
The currency we spend.
I love you, you pay my rent.”

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Music credits:
"Rent" by the Pet Shop Boys
"Rent (live)" by the Pet Shop Boys

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