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Monday, October 03, 2011

Wasak (Like My Eyeglasses)

When I opened my eyes I saw the floor on my right. I moved my head up and to the left and saw a bit of sunlight. I turned to glance at my right arm, which I had used as a pillow. There were small ants crawling on the bed, some climbing onto my arm. I crushed a couple with my thumb.

I remember Jade, Tony and Calvin helping me up to the second floor of Playroom and plopping me down on the bed. Tony even took my shoes and socks off. Prior to that I heard Calvin say that he found the missing lens of my eyeglasses (which fell when I was staggering out into the courtyard outside Playroom) and had put it back in place. Too bad the lens was scratched and the frame banged up pretty bad; I need to get a new pair.

Minutes before, the three were looking over me as I hugged the toilet bowl; I had thrown up in the courtyard, so they decided to bring me to a more appropriate place to upchuck my dinner, two bottles of Tanduay Ice and all those soju shots (I lost count) I pumped into my system earlier that evening.

We were partying in Playroom Friday evening because it was the despedida of Dean, who was flying to Japan a week from now for work. Dean wanted the party to be like the bacchanalian Fabcaster parties of old--lots of soju and lots of friendly fun among the guests. But this party had videoke and three shirtless, muscular servers going around serving shots of soju to the guests. Who could resist them? I never really was a videoke person; I am not that good in carrying a tune, and my voice isn’t exactly of singing quality. And yet there I was singing this old 70s song, “Bluer Than Blue.” (I had no idea who added that on the playlist, but it seemed I was the only one who knew that song. But this was before Corporate Closet arrived, hahaha.)

And that is why I found myself at 8:30 Saturday morning outside of Playroom dazed, sluggish and out of sorts. My head felt heavy, my t-shirt stank of dried sweat and I still had to drive myself home.

Good thing traffic wasn’t too heavy, and the weather was a bit sunny.

When I got home I immediately hit the shower. While soaping myself, I discovered that someone drew an erect penis on my right bicep. Cute.

I swear I’ll never get that drunk again.

(Yeah, I always say that.)


Tony said...

The fabcasts parties are back!!! Woohoo!

citybuoy said...

after u go, i can catch up on my reading.. haha

96b25c64-3a3e-11e0-934e-000bcdcb5194 said...

you party animal you. hehe

i always look forward to reading your blog cuz it's never about the same thing. a little about life, a little about frivolity, a little about everything.

blog more often, mister. :D

Kane said...

McVie!!!! Hahahaha. I hate it! I never saw this side of you. (Once, I think, but not as bad as this.)

Akala ko ba married women don't get drunk anymore? =)


joelmcvie said...

@KANE: Marriage will not alter my liver or my tolerance for alcohol, honey. Ano ba ang tingin mo sa marriage, converter? LOL

joelmcvie said...

@96b25c64-3a3e-11e0-934e-000bcdcb5194: Do you listen to our Fabcasts?

joelmcvie said...

@CITYBUOY: How come I'm not surprised you know the song "Bluer Than Blue"? LOL!

Mike said...

that night was fun and i really missed you guys. haha!

it's my first time to see boyfie so drunk. the culprit is Rod, that shirtless and semikal guy na pinagaagawan nila ni londonboy. haha!

WV: BADING! aylabet! :p

fried-neurons said...

Hahaha, sounds like you had a fun night! Ako, I'm too self-conscious to get that drunk. lol