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Friday, September 30, 2011

My Top 25 In Sept. 2011

Sometimes I surprise even myself. (Well, the Johari Window does have a pane for that.)

This afternoon I casually glanced at my iTunes’ “Top 25 Most Played” and I was surprised at the top 10 results:

Ever since I acquired this particular laptop (and started playing music using its iTunes) early this year, I’ve played J-Lo’s “On The Floor” the most number of times?! Jeez, I liked that tune, but not that much. And here is where the flaw of that listing lies; I remember one day I left my desk with my iTunes playing “On The Floor” on a loop. I attended what I thought was going to be a short meeting; instead, it turned into a mega-meeting that lasted for hours. And after that I was dragged into another meeting. So when I returned to my desk it was already very dark outside, and J-Lo was still “On The Floor” dancing the night away.

Nicki was also a surprise, though I’m sure I listened to her 104 times. A surprise because it didn’t feel like 104 times. Her “boom, badoom, boom” boomed so smoothly, it was a delight to listen to again and again.

Solo female acts dominate my top 25. Of my top ten, 8 are occupied by them (some with featured guest stars). Of all the female solo acts, Robyn has the most number of songs in my top 25, with 5 of her songs from her excellent Body Talk album in my list. The only other act to have more than one song in my top 25 is Rihanna, with two of her hits making the list.

Only two bands entered my top 10, one from the 80s (Tears For Fears) and one from 2011 (Foster The People). There are three other multiple-member acts in my top 25: Fleetwood Mac (at #14 with “Storms”), Maroon 5 (at #22 with “Moves Like Jagger”) and the power-bonded mega-boy band NKOTBSB (at #23 with “Don’t Turn Out The Lights”).

And I only have two male solo acts in my top 25, Enrique Iglesias (at #12 with “Escape”) and Brandon Flowers (at #21 with “Crossfire”).

Most of the songs I listened to are fairly current hits. The oldest song is Fleetwood Mac’s “Storms,” which was released in 1979. The next oldest is Tears For Fears’ “Suffer The Children” which was in their 1983 album The Hurting. Madonna’s “Thief Of Hearts” in 1992 rounds up the pre-2000 songs.

So how does your top 25 list look?


Sean said...

loving we found love by rihanna

Ronnie said...

ZOMG, Britney was there.

Love you, McVie! lol

citybuoy said...

Mine's got a boatload of songs by Adele. lol

And def agree with you on Robyn's Body Talk. Super love her. :)