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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Sexworkers Fabcast, Part 1

(The following Fabcast was recorded the weekend before AJ passed away.)

Sex workers. For many of us, we look down on guys who get paid for sex. Why do sex work when one can earn money in a decent job? 

Remember the Fabcast when we recorded phone-in questions? Boy Shiatsu was first introduced there, and it was his question that sparked a spirited discussion amongst us. Well, 25-yr old Kenneth, aka Boy Shiatsu, is back for this Fabcast.

And this time he’s joined by Victor, a 21-year old from Olongapo who was introduced to the sex trade when he came to Manila.

A former sex worker and a current one; what stories will they tell? Listen.

(Oh, and sorry but you really have to listen in close, because Victor is so soft-spoken. I have tried all that is electronically possible with the available software I have to boost his voice, but it could only go so far. So this Fabcast is best heard using earphones or headphones.)

Download this fabcast (right click and save)

Music credits:
“Left To My Own Devices” by the Pet Shop Boys
“The Sodom And Gomorrah Show” by the Pet Shop Boys
“Suffer The Children” by Tears For Fears

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