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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Play Ball

Sex is like playing tennis.

You need a partner to play tennis. You play with balls. You get all sweaty and worked out. And in the end you either enjoyed it or you’re disappointed by your performance.

One can choose to put meaning to sex or not. And when you do (or not), it changes the complexion of the sex act. Just like in tennis. Maybe you’re training to be the next Rafael Nadal, and you treat every game as an important training session; if you sucked at a game, you’d be very disappointed. But if you’re just playing for fun with friends, then win or lose it wouldn’t matter so much, so long as you had fun.

You might call out “Love!” more than once during tennis, but if you keep your head on, you know better than to take it seriously. Unless you are taking the game very seriously, in which case every call out will mean more.

Yes, sex with feelings/meaning/love feels wonderful, but so is playful, recreational sex between two consenting and aware adults. Besides, it’s apples and oranges; not everyone will attach the same intensity and the same meaning to sex.

So when people say, “I’d rather have sex with meaning or not have sex at all,” I want to ask them, “Have you ever played a friendly game of tennis?”


Tony said...

I would rather play baseball as the pitcher. :P

citybuoy said...

I love it! I recently saw Friends with Benefits and I'm so in love with the concept.

I remember this Kirsten Dunst movie about tennis. Parang the concept was in relationships like this and in tennis, love means olats ka. I guess that's where NSA relationships can fail. :p

joelmcvie said...

@TONY: I pity the shortstop. (Ano daw?! LOL)

@CITYBUOY: There really is no place for no romantic love when if comes to NSAs. Regardless whether it's an NSA relationship or a friendship, pag na-in love ang isa pero hindi naman reciprocated, panira talaga.