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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It’s More Fun

When the Department of Tourism unveiled its latest campaign, “It’s More Fun In the Philippines,” the online reaction was immediate. Typically of Filipinos, there were lots of ayes as well as nays, although I must say, unlike the previous “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” fiasco, there were more ayes than nays with the newest campaign. And as usual the quick-witted ones tossed off funny and pun-y parodies left and right.

I’m not concerned that Switzerland had an “It’s more fun” campaign back in 1951. I’m also not bothered that people are having fun of the line, regardless if the humor is good-natured or scathing, whether at our expense or not. Let’s face it, we make a joke out of most everything. Besides, the fact that people have taken the slogan and are running away with it proves how, truly, it is more fun in the Philippines. When you crowd-source something, expect a multitude of results. But trust that out of all that, gems will rise to the surface.

The following definitely will not, hehehe.

As you can see, I just wanna have fun. 


Mac Callister said...

Ang cute mo with the wooden guy!

Kiks said...

Let's have fun, Mcvie. hehe.